We are convinced that scientific research in medical care must focus on the patient, with the primary goal of optimising care.

For this reason, we want to inform patients clearly, and involve them in this project.

Thanks to out-of-hours care services, accessibility for patients has been improved by paying attention to the recognisability of the various healthcare providers available in the Out-of-Hours care landscape. The evaluation of these evolutions require valid data, starting by the optimal entering of patient data, data collection and finally professional data-management.

This is crucial for goal oriented and relevant research for health care workers and patients. It is our common goal to make this happen. Both Steering Committee members and the Scientific Advisory Board will keep this goals in mind when assessing whether or not a research project can get access to the iCAREdata database.

Patients have the right to request that their data be excluded from the database. The procedure is explained in a leaflet available from all participating partners in Antwerp.