Aim of the iCAREdata research database

The creation of the iCAREdata database provides unprecedented opportunities for scientific research in health care outside of office hours. The database is a state-of-the-art example of data storage, data linking and optimization of the quality of registration.

Scientific Advisory Board

An independent Scientific Advisory Board, in which all data sourcing partners have the right to vote, decides on any research proposal or research question submitted wishing to use the database. This is done according to an established procedure.  First, the Steering Committee must give permission to the researcher to propose their research question to the Scientific Advisory Board. If given, the procedure starts, and the Advisory Board answers within 3 weeks. They can accept the proposal, they can reject the proposal, or they can ask for the proposal to be adapted before it is accepted. In the Scientific Advisory Board, all partners must approve the use of their own data for the purpose of the research proposal, and they can only vote proposals and questions concerning their own data.

Composition and functioning of the Scientific Advisory Board

Procedure for Researchers

Here you find the necessary information to submit a research proposal: procedure for researchers 

Because of the complexity of and the required knowledge needed for the database, and primarily because of the sensitivity of the information in the database, every potential user must make an official request to the Scientific Advisory Board even after thorough encryption has taken place.

This procedure applies to all research questions. Feedback from the Scientific Advisory Board to the applicant should take no more than three weeks.

Data providers of iCARE data should follow the same procedure from the moment they intend to use data from one or more other data providers.

The application must be accompanied by a research protocol approved by a recognized ethics committee.

The Scientific Advisory Board will evaluate the final goal and the scientific purpose of the request. If no objection is made, the application is sent to the security and database coordinator to collect the appropriate data. Personal interaction between the applicant and the database coordinator is encouraged at this stage.

The aggregated data corresponding to the application will be delivered as soon as possible. Publication of research using the iCAREdata-database is encouraged regardless of the results, without interference from the owners of the data, but it must refer to iCAREdata and the original data sources used.