F.P.P. 2009

T.b.a. = To be announced
The location refers to a specific building and room at the Stadscampus. 

Date Time Location Speaker Title
14/09/2009 13.00h M-102 Diemo Urbig (Max Planck Institute of Economics, Entrepreneurship, Growth and Public Policy Group) Theory of mixed control: Control beliefs as moderator of internal and external efficacy beliefs.
04/11/2009 13.00h C-206 Phil Holmes (Professor of Finance, Leeds Business School) Herding and window dressing in a concentrated market: A question of intent.
24/11/2009 13.00h B-216 René Belderbos (Catholic University of Louvain) Does excellence in academic research atract foreign R&D?
04/12/2009 13.00h B-216 David Lowery (University of Leiden) Ecology of political parties.
10/12/2009 13.00h B-216 Arno Riedl (Maastricht University) Information, uncertainty, and entitlements in bargaining.