F.P.P. 2010

T.b.a. = To be announced
The location refers to a specific building and room at the Stadscampus. 

Date Time Location Speaker Title
27/01/2010 13.00h Z.006 Christophe Boone (University of Antwerp) Dissonance and Harmony: A Study of the Recognition of Artists in Modernistic Music in Brussels; 1919-1939.
24/02/2010 13.00h Z.006 Arjen van Witteloostuijn (University of Antwerp & Utrecht University) Organizational change in European police forces: An introduction into a large European Union project. 
25/03/2010 13.00h Z.006 Dean Hennessy (Tilburg University) Ownership Structure and Firm Performance.
28/04/2010 13.00h Z.006 Gábor Péli (University of Antwerp & Utrecht University) Organizational Polymorphism.
26/05/2010 13.00h Z.006 Marc Jegers (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Two papers on earning manipulation in non-profit organizations.
16/06/2010 13.00h Z.006 Jeroen Kuilman (University of Tilburg) and Nathan Betancourt (Erasmus University) Status and inter-firm mobility among transnational law firms in Hong Kong, 1998-2008.
18/06/2010 13.00h Z.006 Richard Harrison (University of Texas at Dallas) Innovation Strategy and the Management of Ambiguity.
25/11/2010 13.00h Z.006 Sigrid Suetens (Tilburg University) Maladaptive Reciprocal Altruism.
09/12/2010 13.00h Z.006 Katrin Mühlfeld-Kerstan (Utrecht University & University of Antwerp)  Individual differences in investors’ motivational systems and coping with fundamental shocks in asset prices - An experimental study.