F.P.P. 2012

T.b.a. = To be announced
The location refers to a specific building and room at the Stadscampus. 

Date Time Location Speaker Title
14/02/2012 13.00h Z.006 Gábor Péli (Utrecht University & University of Antwerp) Can pricings be 'complete'?
13/03/2012 13.00h Z.006 Jeroen Stouten (Catholic University of Louvain) Ethical leadership: Unfolding t he benefits and obstacles.
17/04/2012 13.00h Z.006 Hans van Ees (University of Groningen) Behavioral perspectives of boards and governance.
27/04/2012 15.00h Z.006 Diemo Urbig (University of Antwerp)

Intragroup conflicts and the distinction of team-efficacy and team-satisfaction.

15/05/2012 13.00h Z.006 Erik Stam (Utrecht University)

National Systems of Entrepreneurship – Varieties of Institutions and Varieties of Entrepreneurship.

?? 13.00h Z.006 Sabina Nielsen (Copenhagen Business School) T.b.a.




Bart Clarysse (Ghent University)

Understanding the Micro-Foundations of Dynamic Capabilities: Managing Attention, Cognitive Dissonance and Individual Ambidexterity at Different Hierarchical Levels.

12/10/2012 14.15h M.104 Jerome Barkow (Institute of Cognition & Culture, Queen's University of Belfast, N. Ireland & Dahlousie University, Halifax, Canada).

Mismatch versus universals: Are we like animals out of their natural environment or IS this our natural environment?

03/12/2012 13.00h Z.006

Jim B. Wade (Emory University)

Negative Returns to Status Among British MPs: The 2009 Expense Scandal and Its Impact on Parliamentary Elites.
11/12/2012 13.00h Z.006  Petru Curseu (Tilburg University)

Group rationality as cognitive synergy.

18/12/2012 13.00h R.005  Dries Faems (University of Groningen) Connecting alliance portfolio diversity, alliance portfolio management, and innovation performance.