Full Paper Presentations 2016

T.b.a. = To be announced
The location refers to a specific building and room at the Stadscampus: Z.401: Kipdorp 59 (61), 4th floor. From March 2016: Starting hour seminars: 12.00 (till 13.00).

Date Time Location Speaker Title
05/01/2016 13.00 Z.401 Joris Knoben, Radboud University Nijmegen You had to be there: A study of how diversity in conference participation relates to SMEs' innovative performance.
14/03/2016 12.00 Z.401 Hans TW Frankort, Cass Business School Performance feedback and alliance portfolio reconfiguration.
11/04/2016 12.00 Z.401 Mariano Mastrogiorgio, IE University of Madrid Exaptation, innovation and the problem of the emergence of new functions: a study in the pharmaceutical industry.
13/06/2016 14.00 Z.401 Liesbeth Bruynseels, KULeuven Beyond diversity: a tale of faultlines and frictions in the board of directors.
03/10/2016 12.00 Z.401 Victor Gilsing, University of Antwerp From homophily through embeddedness to strategy. Network accuracy and the sophistication of partner selection choices.
07/11/2016 12.00 Z.401 Freek Vermeulen, London Business School From war to medicine: environmental imprinting and adaptation in the traditional Chinese medicine industry. 
06/12/2016 12.00 Z.401 Andreas Konig, University of Passau, Germany I’ll personally make sure we fix this: The effects of a CEO’s expressed dedication to resolving an organizational crisis.