Climate Impact on Built Heritage (CLIMPACTH)

Within CLIMPACTH we investigate the impact of climate change on Belgian built heritage. The twin objectives are to improve our understanding of exposure to climate stressors and of material sensitivity, addressed by a team of experts from RMI, KIK-IRPA, UGent and UAntwerpen. Within this project, our contribution scopes the understanding of the physical processes within material that respond to changing climate conditions.

Involved researchers: Bruno Vanderschelden

Research Team: prof. dr. Tim De Kock, Prof. dr. Nathan Van Den Bossche (UGent), prof. dr. Veerle Cnudde (UGent), Roald Hayen (KIK) in samenwerking met prof. dr. Paul Scheunders (UA), prof. dr. Steven Caluwaerts (UGent/KIK) en dr. Rafiq Hamdi (KIK)