Geopolymers for stone conservation

We explore geopolymers for physical stone repair. Geopolymers are new and fascinating materials. They are inorganic and non-toxic, from low processed, easily accessible raw materials. They also have high strength and are able to process and adjust. These properties make them an innovative alternative to currently used repair mortars for conservation of stone-built heritage. Repair mortars have to meet specific requirements for compatibility and durability. We develop geopolymers based on metakaolin adapted for this purpose, in collaboration with EMIB (Energy and Materials in Infrastructure and Buildings, Dr. Ing. Johan Blom).

The aim of this research is to create a methodology to construct tailormade and 3D printable geopolymers to improve sustainability and quality of stone conservation, moving stepwise from the microscale development to macroscale properties and additive manufacturing.

PhD student: Sophie van Roosmale

Promotors: Dr. Tim De Kock & Dr. Ing. Johan Blom