Neurodegeneration and -plasticity

The Bio-Imaging Lab is renowned for its pioneering role on studying neuroplasticity in songbirds which is reflected in its large list of publications on the subject.
Furthermore, over the last decade a parallel research track studying neurodegeneration (and -regeneration) in rodents has been developed which has resulted in numerous scientific publications as well.

Key publications

Image-guided phenotyping of ovariectomized mice : altered functional connectivity, cognition, myelination, and dopaminergic functionality
Anckaerts Cynthia   van Gastel Jaana   Leysen Valerie   Hinz Rukun   Azmi Abdelkrim   Simoens Pascal   Shah Disha   Kara Firat   Langbeen An   Bols Peter   Laloux Charlotte   Prevot Vincent   Verhoye Marleen   Maudsley Stuart   Van Der Linden Anne-Marie  
Neurobiology of aging - ISSN 0197-4580-74 (2019) p. 77-89
Early functional connectivity deficits and progressive microstructural alterations in the TgF344-AD rat model of Alzheimers disease : a longitudinal MRI study
Anckaerts Cynthia   Blockx Ines   Summer Priska   Michael Johanna   Hamaide Julie   Kreutzer Christina   Boutin Hervé   Couillard-Després Sébastien   Verhoye Marleen   Van Der Linden Anne-Marie  
Neurobiology of disease - ISSN 0969-9961-124 (2019) p. 93-107
Faint and clustered components in exponential analysis
Cuyt Annie A.M.   Tsai Min nan   Verhoye Marleen   Lee Wen-Shin  
Applied mathematics and computation - ISSN 0096-3003-327 (2018) p. 93-103
fMRI reveals a novel region for evaluating acoustic information for mate choice in a female songbird
Van Ruijssevelt Lisbeth   Chen Yining   van Eugen Karl   Hamaide Julie   de Groof Geert   Verhoye Marleen   Güntürkün Onur   Woolley Sarah C.   Van Der Linden Anne-Marie  
Current biology - ISSN 0960-9822-28:5 (2018) p. 711-+
Diffusion kurtosis imaging allows the early detection and longitudinal follow-up of amyloid-β-induced pathology
Praet Jelle   Manyakov Nikolay V.   Muchene Leacky   Mai Zhenhua   Terzopoulos Vasilis   de Backer Steve   Torremans An   Guns Pieter-Jan   Van De Casteele Tom   Bottelbergs Astrid   Van Broeck Bianca   Sijbers Jan   Smeets Dirk   Shkedy Ziv   Bijnens Luc   Pemberton Darrel J.   Schmidt Mark E.   Van Der Linden Anne-Marie   Verhoye Marleen  
Alzheimer's research & therapy - ISSN 1758-9193-10 (2018)

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