Neuro-degeneration and -plasticity

The Bio-Imaging Lab is renowned for its pioneering role on studying neuroplasticity in songbirds which is reflected in its large list of publications on the subject.
Furthermore, over the last decade a parallel research track studying neuro-degeneration (and re-generation) in rodents has been developed which has resulted in numerous scientific publications as well.

Key publications

Exploring sex differences in the adult zebra finch brain : in vivo diffusion tensor imaging and ex vivo super-resolution track density imaging
Hamaide Julie   de Groof Geert   Van Steenkiste Gwendolyn   Jeurissen Ben   van Audekerke Johan   Naeyaert Maarten   Van Ruijssevelt Lisbeth   Cornil Charlotte   Sijbers Jan   Verhoye Marleen   Van Der Linden Anne-Marie  
Neuroimage - ISSN 1053-8119-146 (2017) p. 789-803
Use case 1 : imaging biomarkers in neurological disease: focus on multiple sclerosis
Sima D.M.   Loeckx D.   Smeets Dirk   Jain S.   Parizel Paul M.   van Hecke Wim  
Imaging biomarkers / Marti-Bonmati, L. [edit.]; et al.-p. 169-180
A unified maximum likelihood framework for simultaneous motion and $T_{1}$ estimation in quantitative MR $T_{1}$ mapping
Ramos-Llordén Gabriel   den Dekker Arjan   Van Steenkiste Gwendolyn   Jeurissen Ben   Vanhevel Floris   van Audekerke Johan   Verhoye Marleen   Sijbers Jan  
IEEE transactions on medical imaging - ISSN 0278-0062-36:2 (2017) p. 433-446
Characterization of an orthotopic colorectal cancer mouse model and its feasibility for accurate quantification in positron emission tomography
Rapic Sara   Vangestel Christel   Verhaeghe Jeroen   van den Wyngaert Tim   Hinz Rukun   Verhoye Marleen   Pauwels Patrick   Staelens Steven   Stroobants Sigrid  
Molecular imaging and biology - ISSN 1536-1632-19:5 (2017) p. 762-771
Patch-based super-resolution of MR spectroscopic images : application to multiple sclerosis
Jain Saurabh   Sima Diana M.   Nezhad Faezeh Sanaei   Hangel Gilbert   Bogner Wolfgang   Williams Stephen   Van Huffel Sabine   Maes Frederik   Smeets Dirk  

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