MR Technical team - Beyond anatomical MRI...

The Bio-Imaging Lab also invests in new MR technologies, both on the acquisition and the processing side. The Technical team develops new MRI methods, implements state of the art methods on our four pre-clinical MRI systems, and provides custom build RF coils for specific applications.

As an example, we have a long standing collaboration with the UAntwerpen Vision Lab, resulting in improved tractography of white matter.

Readily Available MRI techniques:

  • Structure analysis (volumetric and morphometry)
  • Microstructural MRI (diffusion tensor, kurtosis, and fixel-based analysis)
  • Brain functional connectivity (Functional connectivity, CAPs and QPPs)
  • Brain functional activity (stimulus-based and pharmaco-based fMRI)
  • Susceptibility weighted Imaging (SWI and QSM)
  • Cerebral Blood perfusion (CBF) and volume (CBV) using ASL
  • Brain clearance (invasive and non-invasive glymphatic clearance)
  • Manganese enhanced MRI (MEMRI)
  • Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS)
  • Metabolic rate of O2 consumption; 31P MRS for energy metabolism
  • Fluor-MRI; Magnetization transfer / Glutamate CEST


Original (left) and 3x accelerated (right) tractography result in mice, using Compressed Sensing and HARDI


Custom build RF coil