Publications in the spotlight

Early downregulation of $P75^{NTR}$ by genetic and pharmacological approaches delays the onset of motor deficits and striatal dysfunction in Huntingtons disease mice
Suelves Nuria   Miguez Andrés   López-Benito Saray   Garcia Alfonso Gerardo   Giralt Albert   Alvarez-Periel Elena   Arévalo Juan Carlos   Alberch Jordi   Ginés Silvia   Brito Verónica  
Molecular neurobiology - ISSN 0893-7648-56:2 (2019) p. 935-953
Combined consumption of beef-based cooked mince and sucrose stimulates oxidative stress, cardiac hypertrophy, and colonic outgrowth of desulfovibrionaceae in rats
Van Hecke Thomas   De Vrieze Jo   Boon Nico   De Vos Winnok   Vossen Els   De Smet Stefaan  
Molecular nutrition and food research - ISSN 1613-4125-63:2 (2019)
Comparison of GeneXpert MRSA/SA ETA assay with semi-quantitative and quantitative cultures and nuc gene-based qPCR for detection of Staphylococcus aureus in endotracheal aspirate samples
Coppens Jasmine   van Heirstraeten Liesbet   Ruzin Alexey   Yu Li   Timbermont Leen   Lammens Christine   Matheeussen Veerle   McCarthy Michael   Jorens Philippe   Ieven Margaretha   Kumar-Singh Samir   Goossens Herman   Malhotra Surbhi  
Antimicrobial resistance & infection control - ISSN 2047-2994-8 (2019)
Neuropathy-causing mutations in HSPB1 impair autophagy by disturbing the formation of SQSTM1/p62 bodies
Haidar Mansour   Asselbergh Bob   Adriaenssens Elias   De Winter Vicky   Timmermans Jean-Pierre   Auer-Grumbach Michaela   Juneja Manisha   Timmerman Vincent  
Autophagy - ISSN 1554-8627-15:6 (2019) p. 1051-1068
Comparative analysis reveals Ce3D as optimal clearing method for in toto imaging of the mouse intestine
Bossolani Gleison D.P.   Pintelon Isabel   Detrez Jan   Buckinx Roeland   Thys Sofie   Nelisis Zanoni Jacqueline   De Vos Winnok   Timmermans Jean-Pierre  
Neurogastroenterology and motility - ISSN 1350-1925-31:5 (2019)

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