Future Conferences

Reading in Europe Today: Reading and Writing Literary Texts in the Age of Digital Humanities

From 2 to 13 July, the Universityé de Picardie Jules Verne is organizing the Reading in Europe conference – a project of which the UAntwerp is a strategic partner. View the Programme here

Past Conferences

Joyce 2018

From 11 to 16 June 2018, ACDC's Centre for Manuscript Genetics organizes the 26th International James Joyce Symposium, on the theme of The Art of James Joyce. Its Call for Papers is open until 10 February 2018.

DiXiT 3 / ESTS 2016: Digital Scholarly Editing: Theory, Practice, Methods

Thirteenth annual international conference of ESTS, organised by ACDC's Centre for Manuscript Genetics in conjunction with the Digital Scholarly Editing Initial Training Network (DiXiT). (3-7 October 2016, University of Antwerp). 
Conference website

DARIAH-BE Kick-off Event

DARIAH-BE's kick-off meeting was organised in Antwerp (27 November 2015) and coincided with the launch of the Digital Humanities Flandres (DHu.F).

DHBenelux 2015

Second annual conference on Digital Humanities in the Benelux, organised by ACDC's Centre for Manuscript Genetics (8-9 June 2015, University of Antwerp).
Conference website

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