DigiTax will be co-hosting its 4th annual conference alongside the 9th international conference of the Center for Taxpayer Rights (Washington). ​


This Conference will be dedicated to the impact of the more digitalised tax authorities on taxpayers rights. Does digitalisation and the rise of artificial intelligence require us to revisit or reframe existing fundamental rights? Do we need new fundamental rights?

During this three day conference, this topic will be discussed in five interdisciplinary panels (including law, data science, psychology, antropology, ...) gathering both academics and stakeholders from different continents:

  • Panel 1 - ​The impact of digitalisation on the right to transparency
  • Panel 2 - ​The impact of digitalisation on the right to fair treatment of the taxpayer
  • Panel 3 - ​The impact of digitalisation on the right for a human intervention
  • Panel 4 - ​The impact of digitalisation of taxation on the tax officials
  • Panel 5 - ​The impact of a digitalised tax system on the legislator and tax legislation

The discussion will be enriched with the input of roundtables of judges and tax advisors/tax agency as well as the reports of the IBFD Observatory of the Protection of Taxpayer Rights

A detailed programme can be found here.

Practical Information

The conference will be held in the historical Hof van Liere (Stadscampus), Prinsstraat 13, Antwerp. 

More information on the venue, the dinner and reception can be found here

More information on hotel accomodation and discounts will be provided upon registration. Please note that the discount and availabilities for hotels are extended to the previous and following weekend.

Livestreaming is also provided.


We kindly inform you that this event will be photographed. The photos will be used to inform the public about the activities of the Antwerp Tax Academy and DigiTax Center of Excellence.

Should you not wish to be photographed, we kindly ask you to avoid the camera and/or inform Dr. Alessia Tomo (alessia.tomo@uantwerpen.be).