Key publications

The role of macrophyte structural complexity and water flow velocity in determining the epiphytic macroinvertebrate community composition in a lowland stream
Wolters Jan-Willem   Verdonschot Ralf C. M.   Schoelynck Jonas   Verdonschot Piet F. M.   Meire Patrick  
Hydrobiologia - ISSN 0018-8158-806:1 (2018) p. 157-173
New extralimital record of a narwhal (**Monodon monoceros**) in Europe
Haelters Jan   Kerckhof Francis   Doom Marjan   Evans Peter G.H.   Van den Neucker Tom   Jauniaux Thierry  
Aquatic mammals - ISSN 0167-5427-44:1 (2018) p. 39-50
Ecogeomorphic relations between marsh surface elevation and vegetation properties in a temperate multi-species salt marsh
Belliard Jean-Philippe   Temmerman Stijn   Toffolon Marco  
Earth surface processes and landforms - ISSN 0197-9337-42:6 (2017) p. 855-865
Soil microbial community assembly precedes vegetation development after drastic techniques to mitigate effects of nitrogen deposition
van der Bij A.U.   Pawlett M.   Harris J.A.   Ritz K.   van Diggelen Rudy  
Biological conservation - ISSN 0006-3207-212:B (2017) p. 476-483
A modeling approach to assess coastal management effects on benthic habitat quality : a case study on coastal defense and navigability
Cozzoli Francesco   Smolders Sven   Eelkema Menno   Ysebaert Tom   Escaravage Vincent   Temmerman Stijn   Meire Patrick   Herman Peter M.J.   Bouma Tjeerd J.  
Estuarine, coastal and shelf science - ISSN 0272-7714-184 (2017) p. 67-82

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