Medical Cell Biology course

This course is offered by the Vaccine & Infectious Disease Institute VAXINFECTIO of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences to Ma1 students of the Biomedical Sciences and of  Biochemistry & Biotechnology.

Coordinator: Zwi Berneman

Lecturers: Zwi Berneman, Viggo Van Tendeloo, Peter Ponsaerts mmv Katrien Vermeulen, Evelien Smits, Nethalie Cools, Ludo Muylle, Marie-Berthe Maes, Ronald Malfait, Marie-José Tassignon, Carina Koppen, Kathleen de Greef

Goal and content:

This course serves two purposes. Firstly, this course will provide contemporary and new directions of medical cell biology, in particular in the field of cell therapy, gene therapy and regenerative medicine. Much attention will go to the rapidly evolving field of stem cell biology and therapy. Secondly, a number of recent biomedical applications in the diagnostic/research lab will be discussed. The different topics of the course are:
1. Blood cells: interactions and differentiation (hematopoiesis).
2. Hematopoietic stem cells.
3. Adult and embryonic stem cells.
4. Self-renewal of stem cells: biological and molecular aspects.
5. Introduction to hematological malignancies: classification, physiopathology and treatment.
6. Gene therapy: principles and clinical applications
7. Cell therapy / Blood transfusion.
8. Endothelial progenitor cells / stem cell therapy for the heart.
9. Chimerism and tolerance in solid organ transplantations.
10. Implementation of molecular amplification and flow cytometric methods in the clinical diagnostic/pharmaceutical laboratory.

Master in de BMW: moleculaire en cellulaire biomedische wetenschappen
Master in de biochemie en biotechnologie: moleculaire en cellulaire genbiotechnologie

Prerequisite knowledge: relevant BA with knowledge of cellular and molecular biology.
Teaching method: general lectures by instructors; student presentations of research paper

Place/time/frequency: weekly classes over a twelve-week period.
Assessment: oral examination after written preparation, oral presentation.
Literature: syllabus and handouts of the presentations.