Family Medicine/General practice (FM/GP) is an academic and clinical speciality FM/GP is the core discipline of primary medical care and the cornerstone of many healthcare systems in Europe. Family physicians are  responsible for the provision of comprehensive and continuing care to every individual seeking medical care irrespective of age, sex and illness. They care for individuals in the context of their family, their community and their culture. Core competencies of family medicine, are: primary care management, person-centered care, specific problem solving competency, comprehensive approach, community orientation and holistic approach. FM/GP as the core discipline is essential in improving health of populations and communities.

Population health focuses on health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within the group. Population health is geared towards equal health care delivery to an anticipated group of people in a particular geographical location. It adopts scientific approach of preventive, therapeutic, and diagnostic service in offering medical treatment to the health problem of people. Population health is directed toward overall health performance of people through health satisfaction (within the geographical area).

Mission Statement

Within our group we deliver synergies to improve health outcomes of individuals, groups and populations.

Family medicine and population health have common goals, that means the delivery of equal health care and improving health to a community and population. Within the department 3 research groups have their point of gravity.

  1. Primary and Interdisciplinary care and the Centre for General Practice
  2. Global Health Institute
  3. Social Epidemiology and Health Policy