Webinar series on river basin management

The Master in Applied Ecohydrology organises a webinar series on river basin management in December 2022, in cooperation with GCE and IMDO.

Everyone is welcome to follow the online sessions. If you are interested, contact Jan Staes to receive a link for a particular event.

Current programme:

6/12 – 8 pm:

Dr. Alanna Rebelo (South Africa) will present on the water challenges in South Africa and the potential of nature based solutions.

8/12 – 8 pm

Dr. Jan Staes (Belgium) will present on Droughts in Europe and the importance of a spatially differentiated approach to the implementation of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (PROWATER).

13/12 – 8 pm

Dr. Medard Twinamatsiko Katonera (Uganda) will present on  gender and livelihood, indigenous knowledge and natural resource management.

19/12 – 10 am

Prof. Quentin Grafton (Australia) will present on water economics and take the case of Australia as an example.

19/12 – 8 pm

Dr. Todd Bridges (USA) will present on partnering with nature for sustainable engineering.

21/12 – 8 pm

Dr Excellence Akeredolu (Nigeria) will present on wetland restoration in Nigeria.