Curieuzeneuzen in de Tuin wins annual price science communication of KVAB

The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts and the 'Jonge Academie' annually award the 'science communication price', to scientists with an excepetional merit in science communication. This year, the citizen science project' Curieuzeneuzen in de Tuin' is one of the awardees, represented by Ivan Nijs, Stijn Van de Vondel, Jonas Lembrechts, Camille Alonsius en Filip Meysman.

The jury specifically praised the 'well-thought science communication strategy and the novel Internet-of-Things Technology', that provide 'the perfect tools to reach out on heat and drought to a large public '. 'Curieuzeneuzen in de Tuin' is a cooperation of the research teams Plants and Ecosystems (Global Change Ecology Centre) and Geobiology.