Global Change Ecology organizes class of excellence with David Ellsworth

David Ellsworth (Western Sydney University) was awarded an International Collen-Francqui Professor-Chair earlier this year, because of his expertise on climate change and land surface climate interactions. The chair is hosted by Ghent University and six Belgian partner universities, among which the University of Antwerp (Global Change Ecology Centre).

In the framework of the award, six ‘classes of excellence’ are organized around the theme ‘Managing our natural capital under climate change’. The class at University of Antwerp took place on October 6th 2022, focusing on ecosystem-climate-atmosphere interactions. The day started with an inspiring lecture by Ivan Janssens on lessons-learnt from eddy covariance measurements. After this, the group visited the AnaEE Mesodrome facilities (led by Jonas Schoelynck), the brand new AnaEE Ecotron as well as the FATI free air temperature increase experiments (led by Ivan Nijs and Hans De Boeck), and the new enhanced weathering experiments (led by Sara Vicca and her team). A group of 40 PhD students from different Belgian universities takes part in these classes of Excellence, that also includes writing a joint perspective paper led by David Ellsworth.