GHI Alumni

We encourage our international PhD graduates to keep in touch as they often work in difficult conditions or in professional isolation. The GHI strongly supports its alumni by creating a network through collaboration, face-to-face encouters and also a growing Facebook page. Through this network, alumni are able to communicate and exchange ideas. They are informed about international research opportunities as well as teaching activities. Upon request, GHI provides alumni with articles, books and other scientific information, advice with regards to organizing regional meetings, and assists in the development of research proposals.

Below you can find summaries of finalized proposals (from 2012 onwards):

The current PhD fellows PhD Projects

PhD Global Health Institute Alumni

  Name Date Country Title
Julia MWESIGWA 12/06/2020 The Gambia

Spatial and temporal dynamics of malaria before and after mass drug administration at the community level in The Gambia

Housseini DOLO 20/05/2020 Mali

Onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis in Mali: preparedness for mass drug administration interruption and morbidity management

Alex MUTOMBO 21/11/2019 DRC

Cervical cancer control and prevention strategies in a low-resource setting

Zacharie NDIZEYE 21/11/2019 Burundi

Exploring strategies for cervical cancer control in Burundi

Joseph NGONZI 9/07/2019 Uganda

Postpartum Infection at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, South Western Uganda: epidemiology, microbiology and control

Christopher DELGADO RATTO 10/05/2019 Peru

Exploring the genetics and dynamics of Plasmodiun vivax populations and its influence on the epidemiology of malaria in the Peruvian Amazon

James AYIEKO 7/12/2018 Kenya

Optimization of the HIV care cascade in rural Uganda and Kenya

Vivi MAKETA 24/10/2018 DRCongo

The problematic of asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum carriage in endemic setting

Vito BARAKA 3/07/2018 Tanzania

Molecular monitoring of antimalarial drug resistance: implications for case management and malaria control in Africa

Jasna LOOS 25/06/2018 Belgium Know your epidemic, know your response. The case of the HIV epidemic among sub-Saharan African migrants in Flanders, Belgium
Charles ABONGOMERA 30/05/2018 Uganda Challenges in clinical management of visceral leishmaniasis patients in East Africa
Ilan SCHWARTZ 20/01/2018 Canada An investigation into the geographical distribution, burden of disease, diagnostic strategies and optimal treatment of Emmonsia infections
Suzette JORDAAN 7/07/2017 South Africa

Cervical cancer in South Africa: screening status and policy pitfalls

Hong NGUYEN VAN 27/06/2017 Vietnam

Contribution of molecular tools to Malaria elimination in Vietnam

Tom DECROO 16/06/2017 Belgium

Community-based ART in sub-Saharan Africa: lessons learnt from Community ART Groups in Tete province, Mozambique

Florian VOGT 12/05/2017  

Operational challenges during the scale-up of antiretroviral therapy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Marc TAHITA 9/05/2017 Burkina Faso Case management and control of malaria in pregnancy: Case of Burkina Faso
Joseph OKEBE 9/05/2017 Nigeria From control to elimination: reducing residual malaria transmission in The Gambia
George ABONGOMERA 21/04/2017 Uganda

Decentralization of antiretroviral therapy services to lower level health facilities in resource limited settings

Jane NAMUKASA 1/02/2017 Uganda

Challenges for long-term HIV treatment adherence and risk behaviour reduction in sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons learned at the Infectious Diseases Institute, Kampala, Uganda

Karen KERKHOF 25/11/2016 Netherlands Serological markers to measure recent changes in malaria transmission: a promising tool towards malaria elimination
Hypolite MUHINDO 28/10/2016 DRCongo Improving malaria diagnosis and treatment at primary health care level
Junior MATANGILA 28/10/2016 DRCongo Intermittent Preventive Treatment an Option to Prevent Malaria in Schoolchildren Living in Endemic Area for Malaria
Geofrey MUSINGUZI 11/12/2015 Uganda Epidemiology, awareness, health seeking behaviour and capacity of health systems to deal with Hypertension in a Ugandan rural context
Martin Kayitale MBONYE 30/10/2015 Uganda Integrated Management of Infectious Diseases; Effect of Capacity Building Interventions on Malaria Case Management in Rural Uganda
John DITEKEMENA 6/11/2015   Overcoming the challenges to the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission and the provision of related HIV care in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Cheryll Eniyou ORIERO 23/10/2015   Field implementattion and evaluation of novel isothermal, nucleic acid - Based diagnostic tools for malaria eliminiation in sub Saharan Africa
Natalie LORENT 2/10/2015   Early diagnosis and care of tuberculosis through community-based active case-finding in urban slums of Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Olivier KOOLE 29/05/2015   Challenges for optimal care for people living with HIV in countires with limited resources: findings from observational studies from different settings
Ermias DIRO 26/05/2015   Clinical management of Visceral Leishmaniasis in HIV Patients in Ethiopia
Malviya PARITOSH 30/04/2015   Management of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India
Kevin PETERSON 21/01/2014   Optimalisation of HIV care in West Africa
Christine MANYANDO 4/04/2014   Options for Treatment and Control of Malaria in Pregnancy in Zambia
Patrick MITASHI 13/11/2014 DR Congo Novel diagnostic tests for human African trypanosomiasis: what is their role in primary health care services?
Yves-Laurent JACKSON 27/06/2014   Chagas disease in non-endemic countries: Experience from Geneva, Switzerland
Janneke COX 14/11/2014   HIV and Mortality, Autopsy Studies from Uganda
Alice NAKIWOGGA-MUWANGA 19/11/2014   How to organize services for delivery of antiretroviral drugs in HIV treatment centers in Africa
Innocent VALEA 2013   Malaria in pregnancy in Burkina Faso & new ways of improving current interventions in sub-Saharan Africa
Jane ACHAN 2013   Challenges in the Management of Uncomplicated and Severe Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa and New Interactions between Malaria and HIV treatments
Adoke YEKA


  Management of un-complicated falciparum malaria in Uganda:  appropriate treatment options for the primary and recurrent malaria infections in children
Esther BUREGYEYA 2013   Challenges in implementing tuberculosis infection control measures in health facilities, Uganda
Gemeda ABEBE 2013   Tuberculosis diagnostic challenges : health care seeking behavior, diagnostic algorithms and drug resistance in Ethiopia
Victor MUSIIME 2013   Paediatric HIV-infection : strategies to improve treatment outcomes in resource limited settings