Overview of current PhD projects

  Name Country Title
Annet NANVUBYA Uganda A community based intervention to improve knowledge, uptake and unmet need for family planning in fishing communities of Lake Victoria, Uganda
  Didier NZOLO BOMENE DRC A community based strategy to improve vaccine pharmacovigilance in Low income countries: a Congolese perspective
  Sarah NAIKOBA Uganda Optimizing roles of non-physician clinicians and multidisciplinary teams to improve tuberculosis case management in low resource high HIV prevalence settings
Sylvie LINSUKE DRC Schistosomiasis in Democratic Republic of Congo: burden, morbidity, management and control
Gillon ILOMBE DRC Effectiveness study of bed nets treated with synergistic combination of insecticide in an area with pyrethroid-resistant vectors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Ronald MULEBEKE Uganda Additional Impact of indoor residual spraying in combination with mass drug administration on malaria burden in a high transmission setting in Uganda if IRS is implemented: "testing acceleration to zero transmission”
Carlos Alberto Fernández MIÑOPE Peru Assessing the suitability of a simplified standard treatment towards the control and elimination of malaria in the Peruvian Amazon
Geofrey MAKENGA Tanzania Clinical epidemiology of malaria related morbidities among school-aged children in Tanzania: A focus on Impact of Intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in school children
  Abdullahi AHMAD   Asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum Infections as Obstacle for Malaria Elimination: A Case Study from The Gambia
  Crispin LUMBALA WA MBUYI DRC The pathway to Sustainable HAT elimination in D.R Congo!
  Rose APONDI Uganda HIV Prevention among Adolescent Girls and Young Women 15-24 years in Uganda: Risk factors, HIV Prevention Strategies
Carolyn NABASUMBA Uganda Antimalarial treatment in the Greater Mbarara district, Uganda: efficacy, use and access.
Eric NJUNJU Zambia Cotrimoxazole as drug of choice for preventing malaria in pregnancy
Aggrey David MUKOSE Uganda Factors Influencing the Acceptance of Directly Observed Therapy in the Delivery of Anti-retroviral Drugs for Treatment of Human Immunodeficiency virus in Urban Uganda
Paul BIZIMANA Burundi New approaches in alternative to blanket mass drug administration in view of the elimination of schistosomiasis and possibly other worm infections in Burundi.
Sakib BURZA India The clinical management of visceral leishmaniasis (VL) in India Leishmania.
Yves LULA DRC Safety of medicines used in the Democratic Republic of Congo for Malaria (uncomplicated and severe) and multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis treatment.
Sandra NKURUNZIZA Burundi Could Performance-Based Financing system contribute to improving the nutritional status of children in Burundi.
Eva VAN GINDERDEUREN Belgium Implementation practices of Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT) for children and HIV-positive adults – a prospective cohort study at primary care
  Jacques NDIKUBAGENZI Burundi Epidemiology of hypertension and diabetes, prevalence awareness treatment and control in Burundi: implications for action
Stephen OKOBOI Uganda Sexual behaviour and cost effectiveness of enhanced adherence counselling among HIV patients on long term ART in Uganda
  Ednah Virginia SECHABE South Africa A training programme for professional nurses who care for patients with diabetes on treatment at Ga-Dikgale Village in Limpopo Province
  Mamare Adelaide BOPAPE South Africa Development and Implementation of the training programme for Home Based Carers for diabetic people at Ga-Dikgale village in Limpopo village, South Africa
  Behailu GELLO Ethiopia Cutaneous leishmaniasis: The Epidemiology, the Psycho-social Impacts and the Health Seeking Behaviour in the South-Ethiopian Rift Valley
  Emily MWALIKO   Factors associated with delayed consultation of women with advanced stages of cancer of the cervix

Ndivhuho Agnes MAKHADO

South Africa Molecular characterization of mycobacterial strains from clinical specimens of patients with tuberculosis at the Dr George Mukhari Tertiary Laboratory, South Africa
  Zerihun Zerdo ZELEKE Ethiopia Effect of school-based long lasting insecticide treated bed net distribution and Malaria prevention education on malaria, anaemia and cognitive development among school-aged children in two malarious districtrs in Gamo Goffa zone: cluster randomized controlled trial
  Michel MANDRO NDAHURA DRC Challenges to improve the control of Onchocerciasis associated epilepsy in the endemic area of Ituri Province, DRC
  Sander GOOSSENS Belgium Investigating within-host Mtb genetic, translational and epigenetic adaptations and pathways leading towards drug tolerance
Emmanuel RIVIÈRE Belgium Mechanisms of drug resistance in Myocbacterium tuberculosis - a bioinformatics analysis
  Nolbert GUMISIRIZA Uganda Onchocerciasis Associated Epilepsy (OAE) in Uganda: clinical findings and the impact of onchocerciasis control efforts
  Atinuke OLALEYE Nigeria Vaccine and Drug safety in pregnancy: A pilot project for epidemiologic surveillance in Ogun state, Nigeria
  Ines PAUWELS Belgium Implementing Antimicrobial Stewardship in hospitals in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) guided by the Global Point Prevalence Survey (Global-PPS)
  Julita GIL CUESTA   Access to health care in vulnerable populations: gaps and recommendations in populations affected by conflicts and natural disasters
Rawlance NDEJJO Uganda Implementation of a Community Cardiovascular Disease prevention programme in Mukono and Buikwe districts in Uganda: Acceptability, effectiveness, barriers and facilitators
  Elise DE VOS Belgium Molecular epidemiology of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  Aimée JULIEN SUAREZ   Factors associated wth Linkage to and Retention in HIV care of ART patients in Rural South Africa