Overview of (PhD) projects related to ebola:

EBOVAC3, Bringing a prophylactic Ebola vaccine to licensure


The EBOVAC3 project aims to assess, through clinical trials in children and adults in Africa, the safety and effectiveness of an Ebola vaccine regimen. As such it will help to improve the world’s preparedness to deal with an Ebola outbreak. The project focuses on the ‘prime-boost’ Ebola vaccine regimen (Ad26.ZEBOV and MVA-BN-Filo) prime-boost’ Ebola vaccine regimen, in which patients are first given a dose to prime the immune system, and then a boost dose which is intended to enhance the immune response over time. Building on work carried out under the EBOVAC1 and 2 projects, EBOVAC3 will run clinical trials in children in Sierra Leone, Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It will also follow up people who participated in earlier clinical trials in Sierra Leone, to assess the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in the longer term. Finally, the project aims to characterize the outbreak preparedness of Sierra Leone, Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


IMI: 8.541.213 €


UA coordinator: Pierre Van Damme

UA Co-coordintor: Jean-Pierre Van geertruyden


01/06/2018 - 31/05/2023

more information on EBOVAC3 website and IMI project portal