With more than 110 members (10 professors, 4 business developers, 20+ senior staff, 70+ junior staff, and 5 supporting staff members), IDLab is one of the largest research groups of the University of Antwerp. IDLab has a solid track-record on wireless networking and artificial intelligence research. We have as well expertise setting up interdisciplinary collaborations with universities and research centers worldwide to jointly develop advanced technologies with industry (R&D centers from international companies, Flanders’ top innovating large companies and SMEs, as well as numerous high-tech start-ups).

In the field of artificial intelligence, the team is particularly active in the following domains:

  • Perception and Representation Learning: computer vision, learned representations, time-series forecasting, explainable AI and feature engineering, causality, and reinforcement Learning.
  • Resource aware AI: optimization of machine learning algorithms for resource constrained devices.
  • Advanced Control Systems: research on model-based (MBRL) and multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL) for system control and optimization.

In the area of wireless networking, the research is divided in the following three tracks:

  • Flexible & Deterministic Networking: flexible end-to-end architectures, heterogeneous networking, ultra-low latency networking, and programmable functionality
  • Sustainable IoT: energy-aware and energy-harvested IoT, energy-efficient communication, and in-body communication
  • Localisation, Tracking & Sensing: multimodal localisation & tracking, device free sensing, and context-aware localisation & sensing

At the national level, we are active in fundamental (like FWO-SBO) and applied (like imec.icon, VLAIO) research trajectories. Moreover, IDLab is currently leading one of the four grand challenges in the Flemish government's AI program. At European level, thanks to our knowledge on 5G, IoT and AI, we have a strong track record on funding acquisition within the Horizon Europe framework program. In several of these European research and innovation projects, IDLab is taking up the role of work package leader.

We invite you to further explore our research topics. If you think we can be of value to your company, please reach out to our business development team.