Wireless Networking

Providing deterministic guarantees on end-to-end service delivery to/between heterogeneous networked devices in dynamic wireless environments through collaborative management approaches.

Coordinaters: Steven Latré & Ingrid Moerman

Application-driven network configurability and programmability

Focussing on automatic translation of IoT application dynamics into network reconfigurations. Read more.

High throughput network protocols

Designing the new protocols for 10Gbps connectivity and more in very dense and complex environments. Read more.

Resource constrained IoT devices & networks

Investigating ubiquitous solutions that transparently support a plethora of technologies. Read more.

Management and controle of complex wireless networks

Battling the heterogeneous and dense wireless environments of the future by relying on self-adaptive and learning-based approaches. Read more.

Cognitive collaborative radio networks

Realizing collaborative radio resource management between independent co-located wireless networks consisting of real-time, reconfigurable software defined radios by applying advanced learning and reasoning strategies. Read more.

Localisation & tracking

Localizing people and things in challenging environmental conditions & through large-scale validations in testbeds. Read more.

Supporting Technologies

Embedded Distributed Systems

Read more.

Modeling and simulation of complex systems

Read more.

Stochastic Models for the evaluation of complex systems

Read more.