IDLab has a unique research infrastructure used in numerous national and international collaborations.


  • ​R&D Infrastructure in city environment of Antwerp   ​
  • 100+ gateways for wireless connectivity and data processing in the city​
  • Large-scale and environmental city-wide testing​
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  • 16 Nvidia V100 Tensor Core GPUs (81920 CUDA cores)
  • 2 petaFLOPS
  • Job-based GPU processing
  • Jupyterhub access
  • AI and data processing research
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  • ​Dynamic IoT platform
  • OCTA software stack
  • From prototype to a scale-up guidance
  • Focus on energy-aware applications
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  • 3 highly configurable mobile manipulators (TurtleBot/Locobot)
  • Pepper social humanoid robot and sparki bots
  • Various sensors (vision, depth, lidar, …)
  • Various simulators (or digital twins) for training
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Smart Highway

  • R&D infrastructure in highway environment of Antwerp
  • 1 smart car and 7 roadside infrastructures  for wireless connectivity and data processing on the public road
  • Onboard unit and roadside unit also available in laboratory settings and remotely accessible
  • Real-life measurements using commercial C-V2X, ITS-G5 modules and USRPs
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