Celtic-Next SARWS: improving road safety and weather models through AI technologies

Local weather conditions such as ice, rain, snow and hail can cause dangerous situations on the road. How do we, as IDLab, contribute to better road safety? By using new data sources to develop better weather models! In Celtic-Next SARWS, IDLab researched how vehicle data and AI technologies can be used to capture local weather phenomena, improve road weather models, and warn road users and other stakeholders for dangerous road conditions, improving road safety.

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Smart Waterway

The volume of roadway traffic is steadily increasing in Belgium. What does IDLab do to drive a modal shift towards water-based transportation?

In the Smart Waterway project, we and our partners took various steps to make the use of autonomous pallet shuttle barges cost effective in urban settings by

🗺 Creating real time situational awareness

🌐 Ensuring reliable communication

📌 Providing accurate positioning

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IDLab is part of three of the five selected ICON innovation projects

In cooperation with VLAIO, imec annually organizes two ICON project calls. With these imec.ICON projects, VLAIO and imec want to bridge the gap between research results of the strategic research centers and their practical applicability within the Flemish business community.

For the next two years, we will be working on:

🏠 BOCEMON - Building management focused on the end user

🚗 HAIRoad - Smart sensors and hybrid AI for road quality inspection

🧭 OptiRoutS - Optimal navigation service that takes social costs into account

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Wie wint de koers: Artificial Intelligence predicts who will win the Tour of Flanders

​We’re passionate about cycling and we’re passionate about artificial intelligence. We built a machine learning model to predict who will win the race. We do this purely based on objective data such as historical race results and the rider profiles. Our machine learning algorithm looks at the different patterns in the data and predicts the full race results. We update our predictions weekly, as new cycling results are coming in.

Read the full article (Dutch) and check out the website Wie wint de koers


Steven Latré and Bart Braem showcase the impact of latency in 4G and 5G networks during #weetikveel, a TV show on Vrt in which Kobe Ilsen looks for interesting facts about ordinary topics. All the things you hear about, read about, use, see or do on a daily basis… but which you actually know very little about.

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Abdil Kaya wins Best Paper Award for the Graduate Forum Track at COMSNETS 2021

Congratulations to Abdil Kaya for winning the Best Paper Award for the Graduate Forum Track with “Sub-GHz Cooperative Container Stack Estimation” at the 13th International Conference on COMmunication Systems & NETworkS (COMSNETS 2021). Co-authors are Maarten Weyn and Rafael Berkvens.

Team ATARI awarded 4th position in the AI/ML 5G Challenge

The ITU has announced the winners of the AI/ML in 5G Challenge. The team ATARI, a joint research collaboration between IDLab, the Universiteit Antwerpen and Universidad de Antioquia, has been awarded the 4th position in the Grand Challenge Finale among 33 finalists selected from 911 teams competing in 23 open challenges. Congrats!

José Oramas outstanding reviewer ACCV2020

José Oramas was recognized as an Outstanding Reviewer at the Asian Conference on Computer Vision. ACCV is a leading biennial international conference. This highly successful series provides a premier forum for researchers, developers, and practitioners to present and discuss new problems, solutions, and technologies in computer vision and related areas. Congratulations José!

Imec ICON project HAI-SCS: Turning scalable medical drone services into reality

Ensuring reliable and fast medical logistics can make all the difference for a patient. Aerial drones can provide the solution that the medical system desperately needs.In the imec ICON project HAI-SCS, two of our important research tracks, achieving differentiated Quality of Service using 5G and low-power machine learning, come together in a very ambitious application domain. An ideal testing ground to further innovate in the domain of AI-driven autonomous drones.

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José Oramas and Kaili Wang finalists for the ICIP 2020 Paper Award

Congratulations to our colleague José Oramas from IDLab Antwerp and his PhD student Kaili Wang on being selected as a finalist for the ICIP 2020 Paper Award. Although they weren’t selected as final winner, congratulations are in order as being one of the 6 finalist is an outstanding achievement (1.700 papers were submitted). Well done!

Check out the full list of finalists.

Tom De Schepper is one of the 16 finalists of the Flemish PhD Cup 2020!

Tom De Schepper, senior researcher at IDLab Antwerp, was elected one of the 16 candidates of the Flemish PhD Cup 2020. Tom obtained his PhD in computer science in September 2019. He is currently involved as a postdoctoral researcher in the Flemish research program for Artificial Intelligence.We are very proud that Tom is among those selected and wish him the best of luck in the coming weeks! 

Read the full interview with Tom about the importance of his PhD.