Defended PhDs

G. Peeters (1978)

Beïnvloeding van de adsorptie eigenschappen van zeolieten door ionenuitwisseling en silanering.


J.A. Michelena (1980)

Isotoopverdunning en selektieve sorptia in zeolieten: een mogelijkheid tot akkurate gasmassaspektrometrie.


G. De Roy (1981)

Adsorptie in partiëel gehydrateerde A-zeolieten.


R.J. Koopmans (1983)

Vorming en karakterisatie van getransformeerde etheen-vinylacetaat kopolymeren.


A. Thijs (1985)

Chemische modificatie van H-mordeniet door silanatie en boranatie.


M.J. Luys (1986)

Een fysicochemische karakterisatie van asbest.


T. Geussens (1987)

De invloed van structurele modificatieprocessen op het adsorptiegedrag van natuurlijke clinoptilolieten.


J. Verbiest (1988)

Vergelijkende studie van mordeniet SP/LP, ferrieriet, silicaliet en hun gemodificeerde vormen.


J. Philippaerts (1989)

Structural modification of the zeolite mordenite by implantation of boron-nitrogen compounds.


M.I. Abdel-Hamid (1989)

Studies on fundamental and practical aspects of gases and separation on mordenites.


E. Vanderheyden (1989)

Ontwikkeling van een amine-silica filter voor de selectieve verwijdering van organische zwavelverbindingen met het oog op een permanente automatische controle op geurhinder.


Y. Yongan (1989)

Surface modification of zeolites by disilanation.


Peter De Hulsters (1990)

An ion exchange and thermodesorption. Study of Mordenites Modified by silicon hydrid chemisorption.


Filip Goovaerts (1991)

Fysicochemische en katalytische evaluatie van door zuurbehandeling gedealumineerde H-mordenieten.


Ivan Gillis-D'Hamers: (1993)

Synthesis of a boron nitride precursor on silica gel by means of the C.S.C. method.


C. Malara (1993)

Multicomponent adsorption equilibria for the separation of gas mixtures by physical adsorption on microporous solids.


Pascal Van Der Voort (1993)

Chemical Surface Coating. A new route towards silicon nitride coatings on silica gel.


Zhu Huai Yong (1994)

Pillared clays: Preparation, characterization and some applications in gas separation.


Alain Molinard (1994)

Physicochemical and gas adsorption properties of ion exchanged alumina pillared clays.


Hu Zhongua (1994)

Synthesis and Characterization of Carbonaceous Adsorbents. Modified Elutrilithes and Carbon Molecular Sieves.


Gao Wei Hong (Masters Degree) (1994)

Alumina Pillared Clays: Applications in Water Adsorption and Inorganic Membranes.


Karl Vrancken (1995)

Surface Modification of Silica Gel with Aminosilane.


Kris Peeters (1996)

The Aluminium Pillaring of a-Zirconium Phosphate. Evaluation of the Al-solution, the parent substrate and the pillaring method.


Norbet Maes (1996)

Characterization and Modification of the Porosity of Pillared Clays.


Karl Possemiers (1996)

Synthesis of a boron nitride coating on silica by means of the C.S.C. technique. Study and optimization of the reaction processes.


Ioannis Papadakis (1997)

Introducing traceability to the Si for amount-of-substance measurements: cadmium, lead and copper in environmental matrices.


Sven Vercauteren (1997)

Clay and pillared clay membranes


Pegie Cool (1998)

A contribution to the development and characterization of pillared layered structures.


Nathalie Impens (1998)

Synthesis and characterization of nitride layers on silica gel.


Peter Lodewyckx

The influence of water on the adsorption of organic vapours by activated carbon.


Herbert Nijs (1999)

A contribution to the development of microporous pillared layered double hydroxides.


Janat Ahenach (2001)

Microporous and mesoporous intercalated clay structures: a contribution to the development of catalyst supports.


Michael Baltes (december 2001)

Synthesis and characterization of vanadium oxide catalysts.


Koen Schrijnemakers (september 2002)

Synthesis and characterization of titanium oxide supported silica materials.


Amina Benjelloun (januari 2003)

The synthesis of a broad range of novel micelle templated porous structures and the evaluation of their characteristics.


Filip Mees (juni 2003)

Modification and catalytic application of MTO conversion catalysts.


Olivier Collart (september 2003)

Nanodesign of an (alumino)silicate framework into a mesoporous MCM-48 architecture.


Kristof Cassiers (december 2003)

Design of ultrastable amine-templated mesostructured materials.


Thierry Linssen (maart 2004)

Leached saponite as the silicate source in the synthesis of hexagonal mesoporous aluminosilicates.


Mariska Mathieu (november 2004)

Optimization of mesoporous MCM-48 materials activated with vanadium oxides.


Yolanda Segura Urraca (december 2005)

Synthesis, characterisation and catalytic activity of vanadia – titania catalysts.


Ellen Van Bavel (december 2005)

Unmodified and modified porous siliceous materials as carriers for active components for food packaging.


Vera Meynen (november 2006)

Synthesis and characterisation of a new generation of materials with bimodal porosity.

Alina Busuioc (mei 2007)

Micro- and mesoporous oxide materials for removal of organic pollutants from wastewaters.


Evi Beyers (maart 2009)

Photocatalytic activity of mesostructured titania materials.


Koen De Witte (februari 2010)

Titania catalysts designed for the purpose of water and air purification.


Stefan Ribbens (november 2011)

Photocatalytic activity of Ti-based nanotubes.


Jarian Vernimmen (december 2011)

Synthesis of Ti-activated siliceous materials with a combined micro- and mesoporosity.


Geert Smeulders (april 2012)

The next step in the synthesis of crystalline-like benzene bridged Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica materials.


Cynthia Van Oers (november 2013)

The role of zeolite ß nanoparticles solutions in the synthesis of zeolite-functionalised materials with bimodal porosity.


Sebastiaan Herregods (juni 2014)

Development of high-selective ceramic membranes via template-assisted sol-gel methods


Feng Lin (januari 2015)

Novel hybrid inorganic-organic materials: synthesis and advanced physico-chemical characterization of Period Mesoporous Organosilicas.


Murat Özen (september 2015)

Synthesis of Barium Titanate for the Fabrication of Textured Barium Titanate by Colloidal Processes in a Strong Magnetic Field


Jasper Lefevre (februari 2016)

A study of the impact of design of robocasted hierarchal structured catalysts on mass and heat transport, applied to methanol-to-olefins conversion


Ghulam Mustafa (juni 2016)

Development of an efficient antifouling grafting to enhance the applicability of ceramic nanofiltration membranes in water treatment


Koen Michiels (oktober 2016)

Simultaneous valorisation of metallic iron-rich waste and carbon dioxide by hydrothermal reactions.


Annelore Roevens (augustus 2017)

In-depth study of organophosphonic acid modification on titanium dioxide.


Qi Xin (december 2017)

COPPER -  The bright future of the vehicle catalyst?


Ward Huybrechts (january 2018)

Periodic mesoporous organosilicas: versatile materials hosting catalytic centers


Judith Pype (mei 2018)

Exploring droplet coagulation for shaping ceramics: A physico-chemical study


Stefano Loreto (august 2018)

Investigation on the use of mesoporous titanium dioxide as a substrate for globin adsorption: a strategy for protein based (electro)sensing


Inne Michielsen (june 2019)

Plasma catalysis: Study of packing materials on CO2 reforming in a DBD reactor.


Radu-George Ciocarlan (december 2019)

Innovative composites with photocatalytic properties: a possible approach for environmental remediation.

Jeroen Van Dijck (may 2020)

Tuning material properties of organic surface modified titania: synthesis-property correlation.

Yannick Uytdenhouwen (december 2020)

Tuning the performance of a DBD plasma reactor for CO2 reforming.

Despoina A. Gkika (december 2020)

Economic feasibility and influence of nanotechnology in health: cost profile of nanomaterials.

Sumit Srivastava (januari 2021)

Towards co-utilization of CO2 and Fe-rich sources to prepare clinker-free carbonate-bonded monoliths

Nick Hoeven (january 2021)

The photocatalytic reduction of CO2 with Hover modified Ti-Beta zeolites.

Leili Esrafili Dizaji  (february 2022)

Synthesis of new nano metal-organic frameworks with urea and thiourea ligands and investigation their application in sensing, catalysis and removal of hazardous materials. 

Tim Van Everbroeck (march 2022)

Copper-based Critical Raw Material-free Three-way Catalysts: An exploration of supports and synergies

Nick Gys (september 2022)

Surface modification of titania 3D structures for use as metal sorbents.

Sumit Srivastava (september 2022)

Towards co-utilization of CO2 and Fe-rich sources to prepare clinkerfree carbonate-bonded monoliths.

Jinxin Wang (februari 2023)

Plasma catalysis: Study of CO2 reforming of CH4 in a DBD reactor.

Ali Banitalebi Dehkordi (augustus 2023)

Rational Design of Engineering Nanostructures for Photocatalytic and Sensing Applications

Diana Gilea (september 2023)

Kaimin Zhang (september 2023)

Revealing the correlation between titania support properties and propylphosphonic acid modification by in-depth characterization.

Wencong Xu (december 2023)

Plasma-Catalytic DRM: Study of LDH-Derived Catalyst for DRM in a GAP Plasma System.