Spectroscopic techniques

At the laboratory of adsorption and catalysis there is different equipment available for analysis and testing of samples. Spectroscopic techniques are used for the determination of the nature of the chemical bonds in a sample.

The different spectroscopic techniques available are:

Sorption techniques

Sorption techniques are used to examine the surface of a sample (surface area, pore volume, pore size distribution, acidity, ...).

Both automated as manual sorption equipment is available at LADCA.

Elemental analysis

Elemental analysis techniques can be used for the qualitive (determining what elements are present) and quantitive (determining how much of each are present) analysis of samples.

The different elemental analysis equipment available at LADCA are:

Thermogravimetric analysis

Using thermogravimetric analysis the weigth of a sample can be monitored as a function of temperature.


At LADCA there is different equipment available for the catalytic testing of samples: