Localising human rights working paper series

Localising human rights working paper series:

The Localizing Human Rights Working Paper Series consists of studies on the local relevance of human rights, particularly but not exclusively in non-Western contexts. They form part of a long-term interdisciplinary project, combining insights from law, political and social sciences. The localizing human rights research programme is coordinated by the Law and Development Research Group at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). General Editors of the Series are Professor Koen De Feyter, Chair of International Law at the University of Antwerp, and dr. Ellen Desmet, University of Antwerp and Ghent University. 

In the Localizing Human Rights Working Paper Series (open access):


No. 1: Vandenbogaerde, Arne. (2015). The Human Rights Council from Below. A Case Study of the Declaration on the Rights of Peasants. 














No. 2: Destrooper, Tine. (2015). An Analysis of the Human Rights-Based Approach to Development. UNICEF’s Role in the Villages Assainis Program in the Bas-Congo. 




















No. 3: Chen, Jingrong, Desmet, Ellen and De Feyter, Koen (2015) The Right to Education of Rural-Urban Migrant Households in Chongqing, China.


ISBN 9789057284977











No. 4 Koen De Feyter, Maheshwar Singh, Dominique Kiekens, Noémie Desguin, Arushi Goel, Devanshi Saxena, (2017) The Right to Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor in Delhi.

ISBN 9789057285547











No. 5 Pascal Sundy Mbambi, Rachel Mary Hammonds (2017) The Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation in the rural Bas-Fleuve region of the Democratic Republic of Congo: Exploring the local conceptions of human rights.

ISBN 9789057285691