Law and Sustainable Development

This research line investigates the role of law in contributing to ecological (un)sustainability, social (in)justice and socio-economic well-being and marginalization.  

The research line focuses on the interaction between several fields of law, such as environmental law, economic law (particularly investment and trade law), labour law, human rights law, private law (such as contracts and family law).  This interaction is investigated in the context of 'sustainable development' and the way in which it affects living conditions of people and communities. We encourage socio-legal, bottom-up and participatory (action) research.

Within this research line, law is understood at levels varying from the global to the domestic: international law (public and private law), State law and non-State law.

The past, present and future responsibility of a variety of legal and natural persons is addressed including States, intergovernmental organizations and private actors.

Main researchers


Key publications


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