Law and Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a burgeoning interdisciplinary field of study. With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals for the 2016-2030 period (‘the 2030 Agenda’), and the ever increasing attention for the impact of climate change, the field will further grow in importance in the coming decades.

Sustainable development has three dimensions: an economic (‘prosperity’), a social (‘people’) and an environmental (‘planet’) one. In theory, the three dimensions are equally important and should be balanced. 

Whether the 2030 Agenda achieves a proper balance is contested. Concerns remain particularly in terms of the adverse  environmental impact of the goals dealing with economic growth. The research line focuses on the contribution of law - at levels varying from the global to the domestic – to the realization of sustainable development.  Research on the interaction between environmental law on the on the hand and economic and social justice law on the other is particularly welcomed.