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Doctoral thesis

Antiviral immune response dynamics during varicella-zoster virus infection in a human iPSC-derived neuronal model and in herpes zoster patients, Boeren Marlies, Delputte Peter [Promotor], Ponsaerts Peter [Promotor], Ogunjimi Benson [Promotor]Antwerp, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Departement of Biomedical Sciences, 2022, 232 p.Full text (uitgeversversie - enkel intranet):

Towards novel treatment options for human and animal trypanosomiasis : from mechanistic insights in antiparasitic compounds to immunological aspects of early infection, Mabille Dorien, Caljon Guy [Promotor], Maes Louis [Promotor], ISBN 978-90-5728-743-5 - Antwerp, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Department of Biomedical Sciences, 2022, 266 p.Full text (uitgeversversie - enkel intranet):

Biofilm-related pneumonia : evaluation of anti-infective devices and in vivo bacterial persistenceAizawa JulianaCos Paul [Promotor], Antwerpen, Universiteit Antwerpen, Faculteit Farmaceutische, Biomedische en Diergeneeskundige Wetenschappen, Departement Farmaceutische Wetenschappen, 2022, 264 p.

Can 3D printing technologies advance the production of drug delivery systems? Shaqour Bahaa, Cos Paul, Beyers KoenAntwerp, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2022, 260 p.Full text (open access):

A1 Tijdschriftartikel 

Simultaneous carriage of multiple serotypes of Group B Streptococcus : systematic review and meta-analysisBarro Camille, Salloum Maha, Lim Suzy, Delputte Peter, Le Doare KirstyVaccine / International Society for Vaccines - ISSN 0264-410X - 41:1(2023), p. 15-22Full text (DOI uitgever): text (open access): text (uitgeversversie - enkel intranet):

Phenols from Origanum dictamnus L. and Thymus vulgaris L. and their activity against Malassezia globosa carbonic anhydrasePaloukopoulou Charikleia, Govari Sofia, Soulioti Athina, Stefanis Ilias, Angeli Andrea, Matheeussen An, Capasso Clemente, Cos Paul, Supuran Claudiu T., Karioti AnastasiaNatural product research / UNESCO - ISSN 1478-6419 - 36:6(2022), p. 1558-1564Full text (DOI uitgever): text (open access): text (uitgeversversie - enkel intranet):

Novel flavonol-3-O-methylethers from Zanthoxylum pistaciifolium Griseb. (Rutaceae)Heredia Díaz Yamilé, Tuenter Emmy, Garcia-Díaz Jesús, Ochoa Pacheco Ania, Cos Paul, Pieters Luc, Escalona Arranz Julio CésarNatural product research / UNESCO - ISSN 1478-6419 - 36:19(2022), p. 4869-4878Full text (DOI uitgever): text (open access):

SARS‐CoV‐2 surveillance in Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) from Antwerp sewer system, Belgium Colombo Valeria Carolina, Sluydts Vincent, Mariën Joachim, Vanden Broecke Bram, van Houtte Natalie, Leirs Wannes, Jacobs Lotte, Iserbyt Arne, Hubert Marine, Heyndrickx Leo, Goris Hanne, Delputte Peter, De Roeck Naomi, Elst Joris, Ariën Kevin, Leirs Herwig, Gryseels Sophie Transboundary and emerging diseases - ISSN 1865-1674 - 69:5(2022), p. 3016-3021Full text (DOI uitgever):