Laboratory for Microbiology, Parasitology and Hygiene


Public PhD defence of Eveline Torfs. "In vitro biological investigation of novel anti-tubercular compound classes and the development of improved research tools" (Invitation)

Public PhD defence of Winke Van der Gucht. "Characterization of clinical RSV isolates and the effect of protease inhibitors on early viral entry" (Invitation)

Public PhD defence of Eline Eberhardt. "Bioluminescent and molecular tracking of treatment failure in drug-susceptible and –resistant visceral leishmaniasis models" (Invitation)

Sarah Hendrickx from our group obtained the academic award Vandendriessche in the field of medicine and biomedical sciences (UAntwerpen), which was granted by our university’s Research Board  for her contribution to the field of parasitology.

Annelies Leemans, Phd student at LMPH, has won the prize for best young researcher presentation at ReSViNET 2017 in Malaga, the symposium of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) network.

Prof. dr. Guy Caljon receives the Merial Award 2017 for his research in parasitology, particularly for his work on insect-transmitted parasitic infections. (link)

Public PhD defence of Cedric Joossen. "Dry eye syndrome. The establishment of an optimized animal model and the evaluation of novel treatment options" (Invitation)

Public PhD defence of Annelies Mondelaers. "Genetic and phenotypic features of visceral Leishmania parasites exposed to miltefosine towards understanding therapeutic failure" (Invitation)

Public PhD defence of Bieke Vanhoutte.  "In vivo lung infection models for evaluation of antibacterial therapies "(Invitation)

Public PhD defense of Marjorie De Schryver. "Characterization of monoclonal antibody-induced internalization of human and mouse sialoadhesin on macrophages and the effect on phagocytosis " (Invitation)

Public PhD defense of Sarah Hendrickx. " Emergence of drug resistance in visceral Leishmaniasis treatment. Will paromomycin and miltefosine stand the test of time? " (Invitation)

Public PhD defense of Caroline Paulussen. "Development and application of an in vitro and in vivo evaluation platform for aspergillosis" (Invitation)

CLOSED - We have a vacancy for a Phd student in our lab @UAntwerpen: Doctoral Grant BOF area 'Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) immune evasion' (LINK)

Dr. Jurgen Joossens (ADDN Research and Innovation manager) at the Janssen Pharma bootcamp (link, in dutch)

LMPH and ADDN contribute to UAntwerpen Backstage with guided tour of our laboratories (link, in dutch)