At MOVANT, we perform research on telerehabilitation and eHealth, e.g. for facilitating integrating digitalized patient-reported outcomes into the rehabilitation trajectory of patients with burns (Prof. Van Daele), for follow-up of physical activity and adherence by using activity trackers (Prof. Vereeck & Hallemans), for increasing patients’ self-management of symptoms related to their chronic condition (Prof. De Groef & Meeus), for providing blended learning platforms to health professionals (NOMADe, prof. Roussel), for including robot-assisted technology and VR applications in stroke rehabilitation protocols (Prof. Truijen & Saeys), as well as for including collected adherence and effectiveness data in clinical decision-making tools for personalized interventions (Prof. Vissers). We have set up an FWO scientific research network on technology-supported innovative rehabilitation providing a network of partners through which innovative research will be facilitated (Prof. Truijen).

Very recently, three FWO-TBM projects focused on digital health technology in rehabilitation were awarded to MOVANT: 1)Technology-supported high-intensity training in chronic low back pain (Prof. Meeus & Roussel); 2) Effectiveness of an eHealth self-management support program for persistent pain after breast cancer treatment (Prof. De Groef & Meeus); and 3) A home-based functional exercise program for community-dwelling frail older adults (Prof. Beckwée).