µNEURO Members:

Imec-Vision Lab is a research group of the Faculty of Science, Department of Physics.

Imec-Vision Lab's main research area is the development of novel image reconstruction, processing and analysis methods, which are applied in the domain of Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Shape modelling, and Remote Sensing.

The Quantitative MRI (qMRI) group of the Vision Lab develops novel algorithms to process anatomical, functional or diffusion-weighted MRI data. The core competence of the group is quantitative, statistical parameter estimation and optimal experimental design. This is the basis for developing novel techniques for image reconstruction, image denoising, artefact correction, and accurate quantitative analysis of images from different MR imaging modalities (including MR relaxometry and diffusion, perfusion and functional MRI).

The ASTRA research group (“All Scales Tomographic Reconstruction Antwerp”) of imec-Vision Lab develops tomographic reconstruction algorithms for X-ray imaging, X-ray Computed Tomography (CT), phase contrast imaging, electron microscopy, and THz imaging. The ASTRA group developed the ASTRA-Toolbox, an open source, GPU accelerated software platform for the development of novel tomographic reconstruction methods.