The first NANOlab day took place in the T building of the Groeneborger campus on Sept 20th 2022 and consisted of contributions from all the NANOlab groups in the form of short talks and poster presentations. The main motivation behind this event was to foster collaborations between members of the NANOlab groups.


Short talks (room G.T.148)

14:00-14:15 "Alternating superconducting and charge density wave monolayers in a van der Waals heterostructure" by Jonas Bekaert (CMT)

14:15-14:30 "Fundamental understanding of core-shell nanoparticles and nanoparticle clusters in plasmonic photocatalysis" by Rajesh Ninakanti (DuEL/EMAT)

14:30-14:45 "Towards a better understanding of plasma-catalyst interactions" by Robin De Meyer (EMAT/PLASMANT)

14:45-15:00 "Wearable electrochemical sensors for health monitoring: from episodic to continuous healthcare" by Marc Parrila Pons (A-Sense Lab)

Poster presentations (T Hall)

15:00-17:00 Poster presentations from all groups.

  1. Karthick Raj Ag, DUEL
    Sustainable Product Upscaling via Photoelectrochemical Oxidation
  2. Alba Alvarez, AXIS
    Mapping historical organic pigments by MALDI-MS imaging
  3. Ine Arts, EMAT
    Corrosion modelling of spent fuel: adsorption of O, O2, H2O and H2O2 on the UO2 surface
  4. Ermanno Avranovich Clerici, AXIS
    X-ray imaging of the pigments and their secondary products in frescoes of the Upper Basilica of Assisi
  5. Kristof Bal, PLASMANT
    Lessons for combining experiments with molecular modeling in plasma–material interactions: Plasma cleaning of transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers as a case study
  6. Deema Balalta, EMAT
    Advanced ex and in situ TEM characterization of atomic cluster electrocatalysts
  7. Simone Bassini, A-Sense Lab
    A Novel Photoelectrochemical Biosensor for Cystic Fibrosis Detection
  8. Joshua Claes, CMT
    The DFT-1/2 method for defect excitations in the NV center
  9. Fons Dingenen, DuEL
    Long-term stable, solar active broadband photocatalysts based on plasmonic metal@polymer core-shell hybrids
  10. Fahim Faraji, PLASMANT/CMT
    Graphene nano-bubbles: scaling and indentation
  11. Abhijit Gogoi, PLASMANT/CMT
    Arresting Aqueous Swelling of Layered Graphene-Oxide Membranes with H3O+ and OH– Ions
  12. Yansong Hao, EMAT
    Quantification of electron beam damage in Lead-Phthalocyanine crystals
  13. Daen Jannis, EMAT
    Fast 4D STEM acquisition with event based electron detection
  14. Bert Jorissen, CMT
    Tight binding models for strain in TMDs
  15. Safiyye Kavak, EMAT
    3D Investigation of Metal-Organic Frameworks at Atomic Scale
  16. Shangkun Li, PLASMANT
    Selective oxidation of CH4 to CH3OH through plasma catalysis
  17. Selma Mayda, EMAT
    The degradation of CdS-based paints
  18. Antony Charles Minja, DUEL
    Photoelectrochemical Cell for Simultaneous VOC Abatement and Energy Generation
  19. Parisa Nematollahi, PLASMANT
    Durable Fe-N-C Catalyst for ORR in PEM Fuel Cells: The role of the functional ligand
  20. Marc Parrilla, A-Sense lab
    Wearable wristband-based electrochemical sensor for the detection of phenylalanine in biofluids
  21. Romy Poppe, EMAT
    Quantitative analysis of diffuse electron scattering
  22. Denis Sabani, CMT
    Disentangling magnetic interactions in 2D materials
  23. Duygu Gizem Senturk, EMAT
    Optimal experiment design for characterising structures containing multiple types of elements using 4D STEM
  24. Cem Sevik, CMT
    Materials Characterization via Machine Learning
  25. Robin Smeyers, CMT
    Strong gate-tunability of flat bands in bilayer graphene due to moiré encapsulation between hBN monolayers
  26. Sensu Tunca, A-Sense Lab
    Controlled Electrochemical Formation of Titania Nanotubes for Photoelectrochemical Detections
  27. Ihtasham  Ul haq, EMAT
    Towards Microscopic Mechanisms of Amorphous to Crystalline Transition in Olivine at Earth’s Mantle
  28. Robin Van Echelpoel, A-Sense Lab
    Validated portable device for the qualitative and quantitative electrochemical detection of MDMA ready for on-site use
  29. Daphne Vandemeulebroucke, EMAT
    In-situ & Ex-situ Electron Microscopy Revealing Diverse Structural Transformations of LaxSr2-xMnO4-δ upon Gas Reduction
  30. Frederik Vanmeert, AXIS
    Capturing light and shadow - Vermeer's lead whites
  31. Francisco Vega, EMAT
    Can a Programmable Phase Plate serve as an Aberration Corrector in the TEM?
  32. Evgenii Vlasov, EMAT
    Secondary electron imaging in TEM: an alternative way for 3D visualization
  33. Michal Wyszynski, CMT
    Skyrmion-coupled vortex dynamics in a magnet-superconductor heterostructure
  34. Chu-Ping Yu, EMAT
    Real Time Integration Center of Mass Reconstruction for 4D-STEM