Mineral homeostasis

mineral homeostasis

Anja Verhulst
Anja Verhulst, PhD
Team leader
Assistant professor - Project coordinator

  • The viscious cycle of arterial stiffness and arterial media calcification
  • The role of wnt/beta signaling in the bone-vascular axis
  • A role for extracellular nucleotides in the prevention of arterial media calcification?


Kidney injury

kidney injury

Benjamin Vervaet
Benjamin Vervaet, PhD
Team leader
Senior postdoc

  • Environmental toxin induced nephropathy
  • Nephrectomy induced recovery from acute kidney injury
  • Attenuating progression of chronic kidney disease


Cell death and inflammation research

cell death and inflammation research

Tom Vanden Berghe
Tom Vanden Berghe, PhD
Principal investigator
Assistant Professor

  • Precision medicine in critical illness (Biofluid diagnostics)
  • Pharmacological ferroptosis targeting in disease
  • Ferroptosis anti-cancer therapies


Steering committee

Patrick D’Haese, PhD
Full Professor UAntwerp

Marc De Broe, MD PhD
Emeritus Professor UAntwerp


Advisory board

Andreas Linkermann, MD PhD
Professor Nephrology unit Dresden, Germany

Eric Hoste, MD PhD
Professor Nephrology unit UGent

Philip Jorens, MD PhD
Professor ICU unit UAntwerp

Daniel Abramowicz, MD PhD
Professor Nephrology unit UAntwerp



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