The department of product development of the University of Antwerp holds a long tradition in collaborating with industrial, academic and governmental partners to establish innovation in products and services. 

We founded the Antwerp Design Factory to establish an interdisciplinary laboratory with the following aims: 

  • To offer a platform to nourish the local creative economy where the quadruple helix collaboration principles govern by academic design making. 
  • To develop and extend our Key Enabling Methods (KEMs), such as research through design and agile prototyping. 
  • To share facilities and design expertise with the different research groups in order to productize the research output and prepare for valorisation. 
  • To valorise the output of student projects and results (pre-incubation). 
  • To facilitate interdisciplinary project work between students and staff from different faculties in order to generate mutual inspiration and innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. 

Looking for you 

 We are actively looking for companies and research groups for innovation challenges and groundbreaking design and development trajectories. Contact us or attend one of our future events. 


From 2021, the Antwerp Design Factory will extend to a number of pilotspaces. In these spaces we will host activities that will be based on existing research topics as well as new ones. 

Protospace (basement) - Special 3D printing, electronics prototyping,
Textile space (ground floor) - Digital textile production & smart garments
Innovation space (1st floor 1.02) - Pre-incubation offices, co-creation facilities, showcase.
XR arena (3rd floor 3.15) Virtual & Augmented Reality laboratory 

At 2023, the department will move to completely overhauled building at the Paardenmarkt (700 meters from our current address). There we will host the Antwerp Design Factory at the “Knechtjeshuis”. 

Related Courses 

  • Design Workshop, Ma2 
  • Research internship, Ma 
  • Advanced Prototyping, Ma1 
  • IPO,Ma1 
  • Graduation projects 


Industry, education
Francis Dams


Academic collaborations, European proposals
Jouke Verlinden

Schepen Marinower opent de ADF Pilotspaces

Tjilp is a device to visualise the air ventilation in a room with rich interaction