Unites industry and education

Antwerp Design Factory (ADF) brings designers, scientists and entrepreneurs together to innovate and facilitates collaboration between professionals and students. In this way, ADF wants to stimulate collective inspiration, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. ADF educates the innovators of the future.

Translates academic expertise to products and services

There is a vast treasure trove of knowledge and technology within the University of Antwerp. A challenge is to translate this into marketable products or services. Antwerp Design Factory supports academics and research groups in the valorisation process.

Offers a unique multidisciplinary methodology for innovation

Via the Antwerp Design Factory, the education programme and research group of Product Development offers a unique methodology to tackle product development or innovation challenges in a systematic and multidisciplinary way. These challenges contain processes that integrate humane, economic and technical aspects.

Facilitates fast prototyping cycles

There is an open and creative environment with facilities available for experiments, verification and testing. Antwerp Design Factory routinely develops prototypes and demonstrators for industrial and research partners.

For who?

Industry and society

The Antwerp Design Factory deals with design challenges within industry and society, and where necessary integrates expertise from specialised disciplines and research groups.

Research groups

Antwerp Design Factory offers its productisation capabilities to research groups that see an opportunity to commercialise their expertise, technology or knowledge in products or services.

Enterprising students

As a pre-incubator, the Antwerp Design Factory offers students the opportunity to further prepare their master thesis topics and business ideas for launching their own start-up.


Does your organisation have innovation challenges?
Is there need for ground-breaking design or development processes?
Then you can contact the following people.

Francis Dams

Tel. 03 265 95 61

Alexis Jacoby

Tel. 03 265 94 76

Jouke Verlinden

Tel. 03 265 94 88

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