Service design (in innovation) reflects society. Often strongly intertwined with, but also alongside "the product," the ubiquitous share of service and intangible components is evolving into an ever-growing experience economy. 

Service design is a strategic discipline that originated in Europe and is rapidly spreading worldwide. At its core is the belief that services can and should be designed with the same care as products, with a view to optimizing the user experience. In other words, service design is the bridge between strategy and experience. It is activated when you rethink, reimagine and create every stage and aspect of the interaction (touchpoint) between customers and your company.

Service design, please! - Teaser

Sprekersacademie 2019

As one of the founders of the Service Design Network (SDN) Belgium we aim to: 

  • Create awareness around the benefits of service design and show real results that prove it. 
  • Develop and innovate within the practice of service design. SDN Belgium collaborates with a collective of service design professionals and other involved stakeholders, fostering an open-minded network focused on knowledge sharing and exchange in Belgium. 
  • Combine academic (UAntwerp | Product Development) & practical service design experience.

We are building a Service Design postgraduate (by 2023-2024) 😉 care to join the core team?

​Most important questions in building this educational program:

  • Which programs already exist (inter)nationally?
  • Who are today’s (leading) service design agencies in Belgium? 
  • How to cocreate such an educational program together with design agencies?
  • What is service design and how would you teach it in nowadays’ society?
  • What are the skills of a service designer today and tomorrow?
  • How can we address the design of radically new (non-existent) services?

Service design, please!

Digital Open Lunch Talk 2020