The Sustainable Pavements and Asphalt Research group has a long experience in research and consultancy. We can support road design studies, valorization of newest technologies, on site monitoring programs and laboratory evaluation of bitumen and bituminous mixtures.

Our laboratory is equipped with a full asphalt pavement and binder testing lab. Additionally, we have some apparatus for concrete, soil testing and visualization of microstructures. 

Consultancy can be given by senior researchers and professors. We can support projects from the design phase till a full monitoring program on site. Scientific output is provided in order to disseminate the results to a small (contractor) or broad audience (publications). We encourage to combine consultancy with a larger research program (design or lab), in a broader context (LCA-LCC) and to investigate possible external financial support (e.g. by the government) for your project. If appropriate, we search for the best additional partner inside or outside UAntwerpen.

The consultancy subjects for SuPAR are: road design, mechanical and acoustical performance of pavements, sustainable technologies for the asphalt road industry, statistical evaluation of the road process quality, experimental evaluation of bituminous binders and mixtures, adhesion effects and microstructural interpretation.