The laboratory supports internal research (PhD and Master research projects) and externally funded projects. Please contact for an offer or more information.

Research possibilities

  • Fresh concrete and mortar mixing, includig characterization of consistency (slump, flow, fresh density, air content, slump-flow, V-funnel, rheometer, etc.) and sample preparation (moulds, finishing equipment, core drilling facilities,etc.)
  • Characterization of hydration processes and binding (TAM Air calorimetry, (Semi-)adiabatic heat of hydration determination, Vicat (mechanical and ultrasonic), etc.)
  • Determination of mechanical properties (compressive, flexural and tensile testing, E-modulus, CTE)
  • Determination of durability related properties (chloride migration, chloride profiling, carbonation, frost-thaw resistance, ASR, shrinkage, ect.)
  • Charactrization of micro-structure (SEM analysis, water absorption, N2 adsorption, UPV, porosimetry)
  • Various non-destructive testing equipment: rebar detection, ultrasonic pulse velocity, radar and tomograhy, corrosion analysis (wheel-electrodes), IR-thermography, surface resistivity, water content and water permeability, air permeability, etc.