The laboratory supports internal research (PhD and Master research projects) and externally funded projects. Please contact for an offer or more information.

Research possibilities

  • Determination of needle penetration (EN 1426)
  • Determination of softening point – R&B method (EN 1427)
  • Determination of the Fraass breaking point (EN 12593)
  • Determination of complex shear modulus and phase angle – DSR (EN 14770)
  • MSCRT test by DSR
  • Determination of the flexural creep stiffness – BBR (EN 14771)
  • Accelerated long-term ageing by the rotating cylinder method - RCAT (EN 15323)
  • Rolling Thin Film Oven Test RTFOT (EN 12607-1)
  • Determination of chemical composition by FTIR (in house procedure – BBRC Method)
  • Mortar tests by DSR - Stiffness, fatigue, healing, creep (in house procedure)​