Within InSusChem consortium, we have many projects (both on National and European level) running in each of our research groups which are part of InSusChem. If you want to know more about the on-going projects, please have a look at the links below:

-        Organic Synthesis - ORSY:

                o   Prof. Shoubhik Das

                o   Prof. Bert Maes

-         Laboratory of Adsorption and Catalysis – LADCA

                o   Prof. Vera Meynen

                o   Prof. Pegie Cool

-        Plasma Lab for Applications in Sustainability and Medicine - Antwerp – PLASMANT

                o   Prof. Annemie Bogaerts

                o   Prof. Erik Neyts

-        Intelligence in Processes, Advanced Catalysts and Solvents – iPRACS

                o   Prof. Pieter Billen

                o   Prof. Christophe Vande Velde

-        Applied Electrochemistry & Catalysis – ELCAT

                o   Prof. Tom Breugelmans

-        The Sustainable Energy, Air and Water Technology – DuEL

                o   Prof. Silvia Lenaerts

                o   Prof. Sammy Verbruggen

-        Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development - IMDO/BLUE APP

                o   Prof. Patrice Perreault

-        Centre of Expertise on Sustainable Chemistry at KdG University – CESC

                o   Prof. Jeroen Geuens

-        Environmental Economics - EnvEcon​

                o   Prof. Tine Compernolle

                o   Prof. Steven Van Passel