SusChemA news

February 2019

Three new Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions fellows

This year, for the first time as many as three applications by SusChemA were supported within the Horozon 2020 MSCA program! S. Rana (LADCA), S. Kelly (PLASMANT) and S. Biswas (ORSY) will very soon join the research teams of our consortium.

January 2019

Two Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions ITN projects about to start

Two important Horison 2020 projects will kick-off in early 2019! Within Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions  Innovative Training Networks European Joint Doctorates (ITN-EJD), PLASMANT group will be a part of PIONEER project, and ORSY group - of PARACAT project. Notably, these are 2 MSCA ITN project of the 3 granted to UAntwerpen in the 2018 call. Full list of supported MSCA ITN projects:

September 2018

ERC Synergy Grant for Annemie Bogaerts

A truly remarkable achievement for Prof. Annemie Bogaerts, PLASMANT group: she is the only Belgian researcher granted a prestigious ERC grant (see full list of granted projects here). In the SCOPE project, she will work, together with three other high-level European scientsts, on the applications of plasma for chemical process intensification. 

January 2018

EoS (Excellence of Science) projects granted

Two Excellence of Science projects, among 38 awarded across all the scientific domains and selected from 269 submitted proposals, will kick off soon. PLASMANT will be involved in the NITROPLASM, and ORSY in the BIOFACT project (see full list of the funded projects here). 

January 2017

Two new Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions fellows

Again talanted researchers will join the research groups of SusChemA. Yury Gorbanev and Pankaj Attri will both join the PLASMANT team.

June 2016

New Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions fellow

Quan-Zhi Zhang has just started his two-year fellowship at PLASMANT team, and SusChemA currently has three Chinese Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions fellows.

April 2016

BioHart project kick off meeting - ORSY is a partner

In Dutch, the acronym BIO-HArT stands for 'Biorizon Innovation and Upscaling of Renewable Aromatics Technology'. Biorizon is a Shared Research Center with an initial focus on technology development for the production of functionalized biobased aromatics for performance materials, chemicals & coatings. Over the past years Biorizon has developed three commercially promising technologies for the conversion of wood, sugars and lignin into aromatics. By demonstrating the technology within this project on a larger scale, the confidence in the applicability of the technology on an industrial scale enhances and the risk to invest diminishes. Simultaneously bio-aromatics will be produced in sufficient quantities to be able to start application development routes.

Flanders BioAromatics Day

Friday April 29, the Flanders BioAromatics Day took place at VITO Berchem. Representatives of over 20 companies met Flemish research Institutions to see the progress of several research projects around technologies for bioaromatic chemicals from wood, lignin, and sugars. 

March 2016

COST Network CHAOS launched

The first meeting of the Management Committee of the COST Network CHAOS - C-H Bond Activation in Organic Synthesis took place in Brussels om March 21. Prof. Bert Maes is a member of the network and a Belgian representative in the Management Committee, Dr. Sergey Sergeyev is a Belgian susbtitute representative. 

November 2015

Partial PGM project - LADCA is a partner

LADCA team is a partner in a recently approved Horizon 2020 project which aims to develop automotive catalysts where platinum group metals are (partially) substituted through cheaper alternatives. The project will kick-off in Spring 2016. 

April 2015

ARBOREF project kick-off

ARBOREF project kick-off meeting took place April 17. Togetehr with research teams of KU Leuven, Ghent University, and VITO, researchers of ORSY will be working on the methods to transform lignin from wood into fine chemicals. The project is funded by FISCH - Flanders Innovation Hub for Sustainable Chemistry. 

February 2015

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions fellowships for SusChemA members

The results of Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) fellowships are announced. Of the four MSCA fellows coming to Antwerp, two will start in SusChemA research groups: Dr. Yang-Ping Zhu at ORSY and Dr. Wang Weizong at PLASMANT.

ARBOREF project approved

ORSY is a partner in the IWT-FISCH collaborative project ARBOREF: Biorefinery of entire plant biomass to aromatics. This multidisciplinary project will be executed at four Flemish knowledge institutions which will  develop a new integrated ‘lignin-first’ biorefinery.

January 2015

Consortium kick-off

Sustainable Chemistry Network Antwerp is one of the seven IOF valorization consortia of the University of Antwerp, which all take off as of January 1st, 2015.

FunMem4Affinity project extended

Duration of the FunMem4Affinity project is extended till May 2015. Together with other partners, LADCA and ORSY develop new membranes for organic solvent nanofiltration (OSN), a sustainable, energy saving separation technology for variety of applications in chemical, pharma and food industry.