Mission of the Sustainable Chemistry Network Antwerp (SusChemA)

Our passion is Sustainable Chemistry. We aim to help chemists in improving the efficiency with which natural resources are used to meet human needs for chemical products and services. To achieve this, our consortium brings together a unique blend of expertise in organic and inorganic synthesis, characterization of molecules and materials, and computational methods. Our know-how is supported by the range of equipment some of which are unique in Belgium. Examples of our important research lines include:

  • Development of catalytic methods aimed to the substitution of platinum group metals with commodity metals (Cu, Fe, Zn) for applications in chemical synthesis and automotive catalysts
  • Organic synthesis starting from  bio-based raw materials, such as protein-rich agricultural side streams and lignin biomass
  • Development of membrane separation technology for variety of application in chemical, food and related industry
  • Technologies for conversion of CO2 into fine chemicals, fuels and inorganic materials by means of catalytic or plasma-induced transformations

We host variety of analytical equipment: NMR, MS, HPLC (including CD detection), IR (including online reaction monitoring), Raman, VCD, Raman Optical Activity, reaction calorimetry, various sorption techniques. Our profound expertise in computational chemistry (molecular, surface, plasma modelling) supported by the access to the Flemish Supercomputer Center facilities.


What we offer: We are interested in collaborations with industrial partners, focused on the development of better, energy-saving and resource-efficient technologies for chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries.  We are also interested in fee-for-service contracts for various analytical techniques.