Strategic research lines of SusChemA

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  • Development of catalytic methods towards the substitution of platinum group metals with commodity metals (Cu, Fe, Zn) for applications in chemical synthesis and automotive catalysts. For more details, see about CHEM21 and NextGenCat projects.
  • Organic chemicals from bio-based materials, such as protein-rich agricultural side streams and lignin biomass. For example, we participate in the FISCH ICON AMBER project which aims to develop new glutamic acid based building blocks for application in paints and inks. The IWT SBO ARBOREF project focused on new bioaromatics from wood will start in April 2015.
  • Development of membrane separation technology for variety of application in chemical, food and related industry (in collaboration with VITO). See more on the website of the FunMem4Affinity project.
  • Technologies for conversion of CO2 into fine chemicals, fuels and inorganic materials by means of catalytic or plasma-induced transformations.