Bio-based chemicals

Most companies are interested in new chemicals from bio-based resources rather than in the replacement of the same chemical currently produced by petrochemistry. This is due to the fact that the same product from a bio-resource is often still more expensive than its petrochemical equivalent (optimized over several decades). Increasing oil prices along with reduced feedstocks will change that situation in the future. These new chemicals under current focus offer opportunities to access new products and materials. Biobased chemicals are a strategic research line of SusChemA based on national and international priorities.

Thus, AMBER projects aims to develop glutamic acid based building blocks for application in paints and inks. Glutamic and aspartic acid are considered as platform molecules for the future biobased economy. In the AMBER project, several biological side streams will be evaluated as renewable resource for the chemical industry. In the past, biological side streams have been exploited for glutamic acid production, but were replaced by the biotechnological process due to a higher cost efficiency. In order to obtain a competitive process for glutamic acid production from biological side streams, this project aims for the valorisation of 2 high value products, i.e. diacids for the chemical industry and a fraction enriched in essential amino acids for the feed industry.