Full list of PhD students

PhD Under preparation

  • Dan Behr (Behr & Associates): Investigation of the financial viability of establishing a European version of the US-style "short-line" freight railway, operating over selected corridors, through regions within the EU
  • Peter Bulckaert: Key factors in determining the success or failure of start-up airlines
  • Chan Kwok: Air cargo capacity and revenue management in the era of overcapacity
  • Elnert Coenegrachts: Shared mobility providers – Enabling sustainable urban mobility?
  • Da Fonseca Nunes Marques: Transition from conventional vehicle taxation models in light of emerging energy and powertrain technologies: a system dynamics approach
  • Koen De Winne: Haveninvesteringen als beleidsinstrument: strategische beleidsbeslissingen in complexe havenomgevingen
  • Masoud Gargari: Shipberthing allocation and speed optimization
  • Eva Jung: The Integration of Ports in Sustainable Multimodal Freight Transport Modelling for the Plastic Recycling Industry
  • Bruce Lambert: Does the presence of a ‘super-individual’ change the evaluation of potential benefits for public sector participation in multimodal freight (maritime) corridors?
  • Majid Mohseni: Economic sustainability of maritime supply chains
  • Eleni Moschouli: Financing and funding transport infrastructure: Creating a guide/tool for decision makers and providers of funding & financing
  • Osvaldo Navarro: Evaluation of urban logistics policy measures
  • Loghman Nanwayboukani: The economics of vessel platooning
  • Sisangile Nduna: Port terminal operator cost structures and competition
  • Periklis Saragiotis: Maritime trade regulatory impact analysis
  • Daniel Schubert: Real options analysis to validate and assess risk of road and/or rail fixed links, bridges and tunnels
  • Peter Shobayo: A holistic approach to barge congestion in large seaports
  • Aanan Sutaria: last-mile delivery with micro hubs
  • Bassam Tariq Malik: Welfare economic impact of airline joint ventures
  • Ruben Van Deuren: Analysis and optimidationh of the non-optimal use of inland shipping
  • Thomas Verlinden: Optimization and cost analysis of multi-drop and social logistics in the Ho.Re.Ca. and health care sector in an urban context
  • Michiel Voes: Guidelines for passenger rail operators to become competitive in a liberalized passenger rail market
  • Spyros Vougios (BCA Business School, Athens): The ship demolition market and its impact to the economics of the shipping industry

PhD 2022

Majid (Seyed Abolfazl) Mohseni -  Sustainability of maritime supply chain; economic analysis to comply with environmental regulations and social issues. Supervisors: Prof. dr. Thierry vanelslander & Prof. dr. Edwin Van Hassel (25-01-2022)

PhD 2021

Eleni Moschouli - Supporting the process of transport infrastructure decision-making: an instrument to identify the combinations of conditions under which project objectives can be achieved - supervisor: Prof. dr. Thierry Vanelslander (24-11-2021)

PhD 2020

Edwin Verberght -  Innovation in Inland Navigation, Failure and Succes: The European Case. Supervisors: Prof. dr. Thierry vanelslander & Prof. dr. Ir. Edwin Van Hassel (10-02-2020)

Matteo Balliauw - Port capacity investments under uncertainty: The use of real options models. Supervisors: Prof. dr. Eddy van de Voorde & Prof. dr. Hilde Meersman (24-02-2020)

Thomas Van Asch - Air Cargo Competitiveness and European Airports: Markets and Strategy. Supervisors: Prof. dr. Eddy Van de Voorde, Prof.  dr. Wouter de Wulf & dr. Franziska Kupfer (28-09-2020)

Sven Buyle - Evolution of Air Navigation Service Provider Business Models within the Single European Sky. Supervisors: Prof. dr. Hilde Meersman, Prof dr. Wouter Dewulf & dr. Evy Onghena (29-09-2020)

PhD 2019

Jeroen Cant: Food inaccessibility in Flanders identifying spatial mismatches between retail and residential patterns (6-3-2019) - supervisor Prof. dr. Ann Verhetsel

Joris Beckers: The Logistics sector in a consumer driven society, essays on location and  network structure (18-3-2019) supervisor: Prof. dr. Ann Verhetsel

Kostas Papoutsis: 'Retail logistics costs and policy impact - What is the total cost to secure innovation for a greener retail supply chain? (12-7-2019) - supervisors: Prof. dr. Wouter Dewulf & Prof. dr. Thierry Vanelslander

Iván Cárdenas: Unlocking the benefits of pick-up poinhts for sustainable E-commerce distribution in urban areas (23-8-2019) - supervisors: Prof. dr. Wouter Dewulf en Prof. dr. Thierry Vanelslander

Katrien De Langhe: 'What role for rail urban freight distribution?' (24-09-2019) supervisors are Prof. dr. Eddy Van de Voorde and Prof. dr. Christa Sys.

Valentin Carlan: 'Maritieme supply chain innovation: costs, benefits ans cost-effectiveness of ICT introduction' (20-11-2019) supervisors are Prof. dr. Christa Sys and Prof. dr. Thierry Vanelslander.

Joost Hintjens: 'Cooperation between seaports concerning hinterland transport' (22-11-2019) supervisors are Prof. dr. Eddy Van de Voorde and Prof. dr. Thierry Vanelslander.

PhD 2018

Katja Bringmann: Essays on Cross-border Venture and Venture Internationalization - Supervisors Prof. dr. Ann Verhetsel and Prof. dr. Thomas Vanoutrive

Marcella De Martino (IRAT Naples): Port competitiveness adopting a Supply Chain Management (SCM) approach - Supervisors Prof. Hilde Meersman and Prof. Eddy Van de Voorde

PhD 2017

Jochen Maes: In search of solutions to transport and logistics capacity

Jack Doomernik: Strategies for international High-Speed Rail operations in the European passenger transport market - Promotors: Prof. dr. Thierry Vanelslander en Prof. Dr Eddy van de Voorde

Ties Vanthillo: Shaping conditions for economic development: the role of regional strategies - Promotors: Prof. Ann Verhetsel and Prof. Dr. Thierry Vanelslander

PhD 2016

PhD 2015

Patrick Verhoeven (ECSA): Economic assessment of management reform in European seaports - Promotor: Eddy Van de Voorde

PhD 2014


PhD 2013

PhD 2012

PhD 2011

PhD 2010

PhD 2008

  • Jasmine Siu Lee Lam: Managing container shipping supply chains: modeling, empirical analysis and applications - Promotor: Eddy Van de Voorde

PhD 2007

PhD 2005

PhD 2001

  • Kris Debisschop: Verfijning van economische analyse van investeringsopportuniteiten: een toepassing in de Vlaamse context - Promotor: Eddy Van de Voorde

Interested in starting a PhD?

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  • a detailed CV
  • a research proposal
  • in case the PhD was started already, an overview of the PhD work as to date
  • a motivation letter
  • a proof of good English

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