The Urban Studies Institute is a platform and laboratory for the development of interdisciplinary research and education on cities, urban development and urban challenges.

The Institute also functions as a contact point and interface for exchanges with non-academic players, such as policy-makers and people from civil society, and for services related to urban development and policy.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

The Urban Studies Institute offers a platform for interdisciplinary fundamental and applied research into the city and urban issues in Flanders, Europe and the world. The collaborations between research groups lead to innovative research with international prestige.

In line with this, the institute is a contact point for both the international research community and non-academic social actors, such as policymakers and people from the civil society. The institute develops a vision on the necessity and development of integrated and interdisciplinary education with the city, history and urban policy as focal points.

USI's goals

  1. Interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of fundamental research;
  2. A better link between research and policy and services;
  3. The development of an integrated educational vision related to the metropolis, focusing on the translation of new research into educational practice.

Involved researchers

The Urban Studies Institute board brings together a large part of the urban research at the University of Antwerp, supplemented by that of the USI members. These researchers receive input from the advisory board.