Noel Clycq (Edubron, Department of Training and Education Sciences)

Ann Crabbé (Centre for Research on Environmental and Social Change)

Danielle Dierckx (Research Center on Inequality, Poverty, Social Exclusion and the City (OASeS) and VLAS - Vlaams Armoedesteunpunt, UA)

Hilde Greefs (Centre for Urban History)

Bruno Notteboom (Research groep Henry van de Velde)

Ching Lin Pang (Department of Translators and Interpreters)

Annick Schramme (Departement Management, Competence Centre Management, Culture & Policy)

Lara Schrijver (Research group Henry van de Velde)

Tim Soens (Centre for Urban History)

Peter Stabel (Centre for Urban History)

Peter Thijssen (Department of Policial Science, Research Group Media, Movements and Politics)

Maarten Van Acker (Research group urban Planning, Faculty of Design Sciences, UA)

Maarten Van Ginderachter (Department of History, Power in History - Centre for Political History)

Jef Verschueren (Department of Linguistics, Emeritus UA)

Jan Vranken (Sociologist, Emeritus University of Antwerp)

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