PhD theses

Bovine Gamete and Embryo Research Models: Development of Alternative in vitro Screening Assays for Toxicity Testing

Ellen Jorssen, 13th July 2015


Ruminant in vitro reproduction models can contribute to the development of (female) fertility preservation strategies: A key role for the preantral follicle: A key role for the preantral follicle

An Langbeen, 22th June 2015


Meternal Metabolic Disorders and Fertility: insights into the effect of a changed maternal micro-enviroment on follicular growth, the acquisition of oocyte developmental compentece and subsequent embryo quality

Sara Valckx, 2th February 2015


Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and their possible effects on the Bovine and Human Ovarian Follicle

Evi Petro, 12th June 2014


Maternal Metabolic Health and Female Fertility: a bovine model to study the effect of elevated non-esterified fatty acid concentrations on oocyte and embryo physiology.

Veerle Van Hoeck, 26th September 2013


Single Bovine In Vitro Embryo Production: Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects

Dr. Ilse Goovaerts, 2012


Effect of temperature on cadmium toxicity in zebrafish: from transcriptome to physiology

Dr. Lucia Vergauwen, 2012


An integrated toxicological evaluation of perfluorinated compounds in aquatic organisms

Dr. An Hagenaars, 2011


Bridging the gap between primordial and antral follicles. Novel assisted reproduction techniques in a cow model.

Dr. Jan Aerts, 2008



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