Key publications

Targeted deletion of the Kv6.4 subunit causes male sterility due to a disturbed spermiogenesis
Regnier Glenn   Bocksteins Elke   Marei Waleed   Pintelon Isabel   Timmermans Jean-Pierre   Leroy Jo   Snyders Dirk  
Reproduction, fertility and development - ISSN 1031-3613-29:8 (2017) p. 1567-1575
IL-15 receptor alpha as the magic wand to boost the success of IL-15 antitumor therapies : the upswing of IL-15transpresentation
Van den Bergh Johan   Lion Eva   Van Tendeloo Vigor   Smits Evelien  
Pharmacology and therapeutics - ISSN 0163-7258-170 (2017) p. 73-79
Evaluating complex mixtures in the zebrafish embryo by reconstituting field water samples : a metal pollution case study
Michiels Ellen   Vergauwen Lucia   Hagenaars An   Fransen Erik   Van Dongen Stefan   Van Cruchten Steven   Bervoets Lieven   Knapen Dries  
International journal of molecular sciences - ISSN 1661-6596-18:3 (2017)
Effect of nutritionally induced hyperlipidaemia on in vitro bovine embryo quality depends on the type of major fatty acid in the diet
Marei Waleed   Arias Alvarez Maria   Van Hoeck Veerle   Gutierrez-Adan Alfonso   Bols Peter   Leroy Jo  
Reproduction, fertility and development - ISSN 1031-3613-29:9 (2017) p. 1856-1867
Maternal metabolic stress may affect oviduct gatekeeper function
Jordaens Lies   Van Hoeck Veerle   Maillo Veronica   Gutierrez-Adan Alfonso   Marei Waleed   Vlaeminck Bruno   Thys Sofie   Sturmey Roger G.s.   Bols Peter   Leroy Jo  
Reproduction - ISSN 1470-1626-153:6 (2017) p. 759-773

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